You're probably wondering what being organized has to do with motherhood or real life - I might be wondering the same thing if I was you, so let me tell you.
Being organized has made me a better person.

It's allowed me to be a better mother, girlfriend, friend, etc.
- & I know that sounds a little silly, but it's the truth.

Suffering from anxiety is a pain. It's very easy for me to feel anxious during the day. A simple thing such as being rushed or feeling 'too busy' can trigger my anxiety. Last year, I lived in a world of chaos - yes, my life looked simple but the truth is that it was a complete mess. I wasn't well organized - I would go weeks, sometimes months without checking anything off of my 'to-do list' and adding more to the end of it. Most days were hard to fall asleep and painful to wake up to.

So -
I made a decision this year to stop this madness. I needed to feel better. I needed to solve this problem. I made the decision to get help and learn how to live with my anxiety.
Organizing my life is how I've done just that.

I laid everything out in the open. I had to write it all down - my problems and how to fix each of them, a lot of paper was used for this by the way.. & it's taken me a couple of months to get it down, but my life is well organized now. I haven't been happier throughout the day then I am now. Of course, things aren't perfect. I'm not perfect and my life is still far from where I wish it would be. There are days that are still bad, and there are days that I'm sad - but the thing that is better than before, how I generally feel about my life. I go to sleep with more reassurance than I ever have and I wake up not dreading a long list of things I need to get done.

I use a simple system to help me, seriously it's really simple.
Let me share a piece of it with you.

Make Lists

This probably seems obvious, because it's usually on every 'how to be organized' post you read.
- & that's because it works.
I make a list for everything. It might be because I love planning and making lists, but it really helps me out. I sit down every end of the month and make a monthly 'to-do list', then I write everything out on a big calendar so the whole family knows what we need to do/get done each month. Then, every Sunday I sit down and write a weekly 'to-do list' - Every morning I start my day off by writing a daily 'to-do list' based off of that weekly list I made on Sunday night. I know it seems extreme, but like I said it's because I personally enjoy planning and making all of these lists - and well, they did change my life for the better. I haven't even put off doctor appointments like I usually do, which helps me be less stressed when the next school year comes around.
If you aren't into making a lot of lists, like myself, just start with a simple weekly 'to-do list' - or even a monthly list.


Having a routine helps me as a mother and for myself.
I think having a routine helps me stay on track for the day. It helps the whole family stay organized by letting us know what we need to accomplish for the day and when to do it.
I set up a morning and nightly routine for me. I make sure to spend my mornings and nights clearing my head and think about all the good things right now in my life. Then, I set up our days for my family. We have a good routine right now, and they know it well.
- & sometimes there are days when our routine is off schedule, which is okay. The important thing to remember is sticking with the routine the majority of the time will help, even if there are a few days that aren't in sync with the rest.

Take a Break

Taking a break throughout the day helps - A LOT.
This is a little hard with 3 kids running around and constantly needing my attention, but there are moments where I can just sit down to get on my phone, watch a quick episode on Netflix, or read - so that's what I do in these moments when my kids are happily playing together. I take time for me so I don't completely go insane.
It's important to know that you don't need to get everything done in the first couple of hours you are awake. You have a whole day to accomplish things. It's okay not to check everything off on your list right away. Take a break every once in awhile. This will help you stay motivated and not get burnt out so easily with your daily work load.

Set Reasonable Goals

Know your limits and write your lists with goals that are attainable.
It makes a difference.
You're just one person and you can't change your whole life in just one day. Remember that it will take time to get organized and fix any problems that you may have. Don't try to fix your whole life in one day, or even one month. Spread the things you need to get done out, so you can handle each one well. It will get done - as long as you stay on track, everything will fall into place.

This is the system that has helped me stay on track this year.
All of these steps help me get everything on my lists done. The lists help me stay organized and each step help me manage my time with obligations, family, and keeping myself happy.
- & after a couple of months, I'm a lot happier placing this system into my everyday life.
I'm now a better person.

So -
Here's to being organized and having a happier me, which helps my family have a happier home.
Join me and share how you stay organized and how it helps your everyday life.
Inspire through your own words.