Wow, it's finally the last week of summer before school officially begins over here!
Where did our summer go?! I didn't realize how busy we were until it was time to finally start buying school supplies this past weekend. I guess time sure flies by when you're having fun! Our family went on a road trip to California, where we spent a couple of weeks there with family. It was sure an adventure, especially traveling through the beauty that is Colorado (seriously I can not stop gushing about the Rocky Mountains), but a vacation for the books.
So many other fun memories were made this summer, but in general, it's been a relaxing one for all of us! But this mom is ready for three bored children to head back to school.. I *might* also be ready for the holidays already! ;)
Enjoy some photos from our trip!
Hope you all had a wonderful summer vacation!


The end of my children's school year is quickly approaching, which means I can no longer ignore my PTA duties as the final activities pop up. I actually don't mind volunteering at their school, thanks to it being a smaller school it feels like one big family there. Also, I'm totally one of those moms who likes to know who my children's friends are to make sure I actually know who they are talking about when they tell these crazy stories. But there are other aspects to volunteering that I actually hate.


Life has been a bit busy for us lately.
When I go back and think of the past month it seems as if we haven't been doing much, but somehow we have managed to stay extremely busy. . . Life with three little ones manages to do that I suppose.
After a rough few months, I've finally reached the end of the tunnel and feel more like myself as the days continue to pass. I know everyone always says it takes time to move on from pain and heartbreak, and at the time it always feels as if that person just doesn't understand.. But the truth is that it does take time. You just have to take it one day at a time and try your hardest to discover the love for the new you. Now that all the pain and anger have passed, I feel nothing but grateful for these last few months. I'm thankful that I can take all that my father's passing taught me and be a better version of who I was before, which brings me back to where we are in our lives now.
I've allowed myself to simplify a bit.


 photo thelasttime.png

This year will be the last time I send a kid off for their first day of Kindergarten.
My youngest will be starting summer school to help with his transition into class in the fall. Although I am thankful that our school district offers this. . . I just wish my baby could stay home for a little bit longer.


"My identity is me, but it is also my family.
Now, as a mom, I feel like I'm experiencing a part of my own life that I can't remember."

I saw the above quote while scrolling through Facebook yesterday, and I wish I could find where it came from but I couldn't. So, I'm sorry that I couldn't link it back to the correct source..

It's such a cliche to tell you how much I love quotes, but it's true. When I find a quote I truly relate to and understand, there is a sense of hope that surrounds me.. and this particular quote hit home with me. I've written a post in the past about how being a mother has always been enough for me, and for the most part I still feel that way. As I'm getting older and my children are becoming more independent there is a part of me that is becoming more of my own person though. I'm not just living in my children's shadows anymore.

For the past seven years all I've done is raised three small children - back to back - and felt as if that was all I'd ever do in my life. I didn't think I'd have the time or the energy to truly discover who I was. I didn't even have the time or energy to care what others thought about me anymore, or have the strength to be someone I wasn't, or have time to put care into relationships that were already broken. All of that showed me just how much I wore a mask on top of who I truly was and I didn't even realize it. I never realized how becoming a mother had stripped me of that mask, and allowed me to become more of myself without me even noticing. I guess I always thought I had to go to college and get drunk and make mistakes to find myself, but was I wrong. . .

Now - my children are older, doing more things on their own, and I feel like I'm meeting someone within for the very first time.

Becoming a mother has allowed me to remember the little girl I once was, before life became complicated and painful. The girl who was full of hopes and dreams. The girl who thought the world was such a magical world to live in. I see myself in my children every day and it is something special. I see how driven they are and how they just love life. The biggest compliment I have ever received was from my daughter's teacher, she told me how much she enjoyed how she loved life, how she shows up every day ready to tackle whatever comes her way in a positive way. I almost cried.. And that is what is so great about being surrounded by kids. They remind us of how great our lives can be. Being surrounded by this every day allowed me to find my own happiness. It allowed me to revisit someone I said good-bye to a long time ago, and bring forth that girl who had those dreams and wonder about her.

So, I agree with the above quote.
My identity is me, but it is also very much my own family and what they bring out in me.
Which I think we are all a part of the things in our lives, whether they are good or bad, and it's about what we choose to do with everything that makes us who we are. Becoming a mother at a young age may have been hard for me, but now I see how good it was for me. I don't wonder about the 'what ifs' in my life anymore and I have my family to thank for allowing me to let go, and say hello again.