Welcome to Simply Nicollette.
I'm Kristy! I'm so happy that you have found your way to this little space I call my own.

If I'm not spending time with my loved ones, you can find me reading or watching TV while eating lots of Chinese food! I'm in love with The Flash and Barry Allen. I aspire to be the great Mindy Kaling with as good of a heart as Emma Watson. There's not too much to know about me! Honestly, I'm just a simple girl with huge dreams.

Outside of being a young mother, my passion is to write. I'm currently working on my very own Young Adult contemporary, and I'm so excited to share my story with the world! Lately, most of my writing has been spent on that project but I love to share stories of my life right here on Simply Nicollette. This blog is a reflection of who I am and everything that I love.

When I began writing for fun, my hopes were simple. I wanted to help others find their own voice because I believe we all have a say in everything. Our differences are what make our world so special and beautiful, and we should be embracing these differences by learning from one another. It has taken me awhile to find the right path that I want to take in order to accomplish this goal. Now, I have a clearer vision of my plan.

Simply Nicollette is where I share a lot of my opinions on life in my 20s, motherhood, books, and more. You'll find a lot of book reviews here. There will be lots of personal posts about my life and being a mother. And there will be plenty of random posts where I'll share my opinions on television shows, products, photography, and so on.

You'll find every piece of my heart through this blog, whether it be just a slice in some posts or the whole thing. So, I hope you'll stick around and invest in me and these crazy dreams of mine. Because if I can share my opinions about life and everything in between. . . Why can't you?


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