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I absolutely loveeed Making it Complicated - an amazing coming-of-age story full of my three favorite things: family, friendships, and love!!

"Show me."
"What?" My eyes snapped back to his.
"Tonight. Show me how nice you can be," Hunter said, his easy smile belying the weight of his words, the dimple on his cheek a warning sign he was trouble.

This is the second book in the I Heart Iloilo series by Clarisse David, so if you've read Keeping the Distance (if you haven't then you should) then you'll be familiar with the main characters, Cam and Hunter. I was a huge fan of Cam and was ecstatic when I heard she would be getting her own book! A pleasant surprise was realizing there was so much more to her than what I already knew. She's older than when we first met her, now graduated from high school, and in the past few months she's been going through some tough times with her family.

This is what I love about Cam. She's flawed and relatable. She makes mistakes and KNOWS her actions are wrong but still goes through with them.. Something we've all done. And it was refreshing to read this because when she finally hits rock bottom, she finds her way back to the top and that gave me a lot of hope.

"Just when the future seemed so close, the present decided to smack me upside the head, a reminder I couldn't rush to be the person I wanted to be without dealing with who I was."

Another great aspect of Making it Complicated was how it takes place during the "in-between" stage of graduating high school and getting ready to start college. Ahh - one of my favorite stages to read about! There is so much fear for the unknown and Clarisse David did a perfect job at creating characters that represent everything this stage is about. Her writing has grown and I'm forever a fan of hers!

"Knowing you'll get hurt shouldn't stop you from loving. We can only choose the people we love and trust that we'll figure things out, even if they end up hurting us. Even if we end up hurting them."

All of the characters are amazing! Mel and Lance make appearances also (!!!) - I wish you could see my face every time Lance would pop up because yes, I'm still swooning over him! ;) Oh, and Jace even shows up (ohmygoodness can you imagine how amazing his book will be *internally screaming*) AND THE BAND MATES of Hunter are EVERYTHING. I even had to tell Clarisse that we all definitely deserve a book about Cal because helloooooo!! <3 just love them all!
Then there is Hunter! <3 <3 <3
I adored him in the first book, a piece of me was even like noooo Mel why you not love Hunter anymore?! Haha but I really enjoyed Cam and Hunter's relationship/romance in this book. It was so different from Mel and Lance's but just as wonderful.

Obviously I loved this book. If you're in the mood for a great coming-of-age story or romance with fun characters in a beautiful setting then pick this up! It has summer vibes but can cure the winter blues also! :)

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