This post will contain major spoilers for the show.

It's been one week since the season four finale of The 100, and I've determined that this hiatus already sucks. What an action-packed, emotionally fueled season it was! Maddi and I decided to do this special post where we answer a few questions and discuss some of our thoughts on the past season.
So.. Let's talk season four!

I loved this season. I always enjoy The 100, no matter the things we didn't like or the things we wish we could change. No matter the story arc they used, or if there were some parts we wished were different because The 100 is built around their characters and this world, and that's what makes it unique.
Whatever happens I'll always enjoy watching it and be eager for more. But overall, I loved how this season brought the 100 back into the main focus of the show. I loved how they stuck with a simple problem they had to face without over complicating it like last season.
- Maddi -

I completely agree with, Maddi. I even tweeted that I loved how the writers finally brought the focus back to the original characters. Which don't get me wrong, I loved seeing Indra and Luna again, and I personally really liked Ilian, but one of my biggest problems with season three was how complicated it got with so many character arcs. And that's the reason why I absolutely loved this season. It was smart for the writers to focus so much on the relationships between the people we already know and love, especially with the way the season ended.
- Kristy -

SO many favorite moments from season four!! I really enjoyed the growing relationship between Kane and Bellamy. I'm not sure if we will ever find out who Bellamy's father is, but it's safe to say that Kane has taken the position of that person for Bellamy. This was a favorite line between them for me, "who you want to be doesn't always win."

But my absolute favorite moment this season was when Octavia held a gun at Ilian's head. I loved the parallel between her and Pike, and the flashback to Lincoln's death. I had tears rolling down my cheeks watching this! The pain, all of her grief, was so present when Ilian looked up at her and she saw Lincoln, and just how wrong killing him would have been. It was a huge moment for Octavia, it showed how much Lincoln's death still haunts her and it was either continue down this path or maybe it's time to take a different route.
Lastly, can I say I enjoyed every Bellarke scene? Yes? Great because I did. . . But I'll let Maddi mention more of those! ;)

Let's see.. What wasn't my favourite moment.. I loved when Clarke had to choose a list of 100 survivors and when arriving to the end of that list, just after putting Bellamy down as number 99, Clarke breaks down and Bellamy comes to her aid, comforting her. Bellamy tells Clarke if he's on that list then she's on the list, but Clarke can't bring herself to write her own name down so Bellamy does it for her, and then consoles her that there's still hope they can make it through this.

Another favourite moment, if not my top favourite moment this season, was when Roan declared war on Skaikru and captured Bellamy alongside Kane. Roan, bringing the prisoners along with his army, marches for Arkadia. Thanks to Octavia, Skaikru had been warned and Clarke goes out to meet them. They end up in a tense stand off in a canyon with Clarke standing in the way of Roan and his army. That's when Roan plays his next hand and pulls out the prisoners.
Clarke didn't know Roan had captured Bellamy and when he reveals he has him, and Clarke and Bellamy look to each other, that's my favourite moment right there. I will never forget that look. The emotions on their faces just showed the amount of care that they have for each other. Not to mention I don't even think Clarke looks to Kane, her eyes locked on only to Bellamy's.

Some of my other favourite moments include:
- When Clarke was the only person to tell Bellamy he has a good heart and is a good man. Bellamy deserves to hear that, he deserves someone who sees who he truly is
- When Clarke heard a ship coming and thought it was Bellamy coming home and looked to the sky saying, "I see you". A wonderful reference to a memorable moment Bellamy and Clarke shared from season one. It just shows how far the two have come together.
- Clarke calling to Bellamy every day for six years. For 2,199 days she called to him. Saying that was what kept her sane all this time.
- When Bellamy puts his life in danger to save Clarke when the Grounders hijacked their truck, and also because it was completely badass.
So in other words, all the Bellarke moments.. kidding. . . sort of.
I also loved the moment when Octavia was about to fight in the Conclave and Indra gifted her a sword. Octavia asks her why is she helping her if it could mean the end of her people, and Indra tells her that she is her people. It was a very important moment for the two of them and it just made your heart fill with warmth.

As per most seasons, my least favourite moments are always losing characters we love. It's always hard to bare, and even worse to watch. Especially losing someone as important as Jasper. He's been a vital character from the beginning, a character we've watched grow and change, a character loved by everybody. I still can't believe he's gone.

Losing Jasper was hard for me because of the way we lost him. I think we all knew it was coming.. But the question was always, how would Jasper die?
I'm not sure how to approach this subject because of how sensitive Jasper's ending is to fans, so I'm just going to write this based on my personal experiences with mental illness, and how I related to Jasper and his journey.
He was so full of life at the beginning of this series, but we slowly watched as this young kid turned into a broken man. It was no secret how much his experiences at Mount Weather changed who he was, and how severe his PTSD became. And unfortunately, Jasper wasn't able to find a way out of his depression and that hit hard when he made the decision to take his own life.
I was rooting for Jasper to have hope, to find strength from people around him, like so many other characters did.. Like Raven told him, they all have lost someone they cared about. But the difference between Jasper and the others was the way he dealt with his grief. He didn't turn his pain into making the world better. He wasn't a hero in that way, he was simply human. And losing Maya hurt to the point where a lot of his hope was gone, and it changed his outlook on life in so many ways.
I think the writers could have done a better job at saying goodbye to Jasper. I almost felt like we didn't get a proper ending for him, but maybe that was the point? How life works out that way sometimes? I did love how his journey began and ended with Monty, and how heartbreaking it was watching that final scene between them.. Devon did an amazing interview with Hypable and he said, "hopefully he'll be remembered for the fun-loving kid that he was, and understood for the tortured man that he became."
Jasper means so much to me and I'm truly going to miss him. He'll always have a place in my heart. Meet you on the other side.

Another least favourite moment of mine was the Conclave. The world is ending and they spend their time fighting for the bunker instead of finding a way to share it and survive. However, that wasn't even the worst part. The part I didn't like was when every Clan nominated a champion to fight for their Clan, and out of nowhere Luna puts her hand up to fight. They ask her why she wants to fight since all her people are dead. She chooses to fight for death itself. To make sure no one gets inside that bunker, to make sure that humanity didn't survive.
It just felt wrong on so many levels, even though it isn't real. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I don't think I've ever seen a character do anything like that. I get it, humanity can do some terrible things but to fight to make sure everyone dies.. Every life, every soul. . . It's just inhumane. I don't even think a word exists to explain doing something like that. I found it hard to watch someone do that.

I really loved Murphy's story arc this season. It was fun to watch how both him and Emori decided to stick with the others so many times instead of going off on their own. We saw how Murphy stole that medicine from under Raven's nose, a parallel to when his own father stole medicine for him.

And another interesting factor was his relationship with Raven. We've seen the two of them come so far from that moment he shot her and they were both awaiting death together. That moment they hugged was a moment I never knew I needed.. I think both of their character's needed that forgiveness in order to eventually work together (and survive in space for six years, hello foreshadowing), and I loved it.
Then there was that moment in the finale when Murphy used his logic to save the equipment, but he still found a way to save Monty. He was one of my least favorite characters but has quickly become a character I'm constantly rooting for. His bluntness is something these characters need in their lives.

It wasn't until the later half of the season but Octavia did finally make progress, beginning to find her way off of the dark path she went down. To finally see equality in everyone no matter where you're from. Now, stepping up as a leader when everyone was looking to her. I can't wait to see what comes from her next season.

I'd also have to say Monty. Monty is no longer that dorky little kid anymore. Finding out he lost his father then losing his mother, and subsequently losing his best friend in a way. Jasper was never the same after Maya's death. Monty stuck by him, even when Jasper decided he didn't want to live, he never once gave up trying to help him to see that life's worth living.
Then the woman he loves, decides not to live, and stays behind along with Jasper and a group of others to die. Monty utterly refuses to leave without them, risking his own life and safety to try to save them. It's not an easy thing trying to fight for those who don't want to fight for themselves. Monty's one of the most underrated and under appreciated characters on this show. I hope he has a bigger role to play next season.

I was hoping that we would finally move past the war and constant fighting between the Grounders and Skaikru. I was hoping last season they would finally unite together, having no choice but to work together if they wanted to stop ALIE. Yet again a lot of the season was more constant hostility and threat of war surrounding the main story.

If I could change anything I would of course save Roan, Jasper, and Ilian. I would also change Octavia and Ilian's relationship, or how it was done. When they met each other you could see their potential for a bond of a strong friendship there. With no one being able to get through to Octavia and both of them suffering through similar things, they clearly identified with each other, and it was that type of friend that Octavia needed.
I thought Ilian might be able to help her, get through to her. Sadly, they rushed it on the show way before Octavia was ready for that type of relationship, and ruined its possibility. Not to mention they then killed Ilian before we barely even got to know him. I was excited for his character and thought he could be really something great for the show and it was just a shame that another character was lost.

YES!! I truly loved Ilian and what his character brought to the show. I would've loved to see him interact with Clarke, Raven, and Bellamy.. After they moved past him blowing up the Ark and everything, of course. I was really sad when he died. And completely agree that I would change the way they wrote their relationship. If it happened a little slower then it would've been so much better, but given what we now know about his death, it makes sense why the writers rushed it.
Speaking of Octavia, something I wish we saw more of was the relationship between her and Clarke. Remember this beautiful moment??

IT GAVE ME SO MUCH HOPE!! I mean we saw a beautiful story unfold with the Blake siblings throughout the season, but Clarke was once important to Octavia also.. And we didn't see too many significant interactions between them. I miss their dynamic and would've loved it if we got to see a special moment between just the two of them.
As for something I would change.. How much time they spent on deciding who would live and who would die. I got really tired of the whole list thing, at first I liked the idea of it, but by the second time they decided to bring it back, I was over it. I just wanted a different way for them to decide and I guess I see how they tried to bring the monopoly into play but in the end it was just kind of sloppy.. But maybe that was the point?

I definitely loved it. So much happened. I knew Clarke wouldn't die but they had me literally panicking when she was running out of time. I was originally unsure about them doing a time jump, but I think they pulled it off. They really shocked me with no one returning after six years but that cliffhanger ending has got to be their biggest yet and I never saw it coming, and it's killing me having to wait for next season!

YES!! That cliffhanger!! I think they did a brilliant job at just showing us Clarke at the end because we only know just as much as she does right now.. And there are just so many questions!
And as for the finale, I LOVED it. By far my favorite season finale yet (sorry season two)! I wish you could've seen me while I watched this episode - I cried, screamed, smiled! There were so many emotions and I loved all of it.
I know a lot of people missed the adults, especially Kane and Abby, but I thought their story for the season ended in the previous episode, and I enjoyed how the focus was on the kids for the finale. Most importantly how Clarke and Bellamy were the center of this episode.

Bellarke is the heart of this show and the season finale was full of SO much heart. I don't think it matters if you're a fan of Bellarke or not, it's hard to deny the fact that these two characters love each other, whether that be romantically or not, they care about each other in a way they don't for others. Their story is the glue that holds this show together for me.. I mean Clarke isn't sitting there for six years talking to Raven or Monty, she's talking to Bellamy.
Their shared moments during this episode gave me life, especially Clarke's speech, "we've been through a lot together, you and I. I didn't like you at first, that's no secret. But even then. Every stupid thing you did.. It was to protect your sister. She didn't always see that, but I did. You've got such a big heart, Bellamy. People follow you. You inspire them, because of this. But the only way for us to survive is if you use this, too."
AND THEN HE SAID "I got you for that" and I about lost it.. It was heartbreaking to see how Clarke somehow knew she wouldn't be making it onto that rocket with them.. How she was trying to say goodbye to Bellamy and tell him that he needed to step up and be the leader their people needed without her. How she stepped away and let Bellamy talk to Raven alone. I just loved IT SO MUCH! All these great moments, and how we saw how human these characters truly are at the end of the day. When Emori asked if they could give Clarke more time, how scared Echo was to go up into space, Murphy and Monty - ahh, just so much amazingness in this episode!

What shocked me most about the season finale was the fact that no one returned from space or from inside the bunker. I can think of many reasons why they haven't come down from space, many things could have gone wrong, but those in the bunker have left me quite bewildered. They're not only just a little bit overdue they're over a year late. . .
I'd say another shocking thing was the unknown ship arriving, which left me completely mind blown. That ship was not one of theirs and now their planet has been destroyed, in ruins by Praimfaya. It's definitely not aliens, without a doubt the inhabitants are human, somehow from or connected to Earth. The theory going around at the moment is a human colony, we just don't know why or how yet. I'm super excited and I love the concept they have set up for the next season.
And lastly, even though I knew there was a possibility of it happening, I was still shocked by them making Clarke stay behind. I was kind of looking forward to Bellarke in space.

I was looking forward to Bellarke in space, too! I'm not too surprised that Clarke stayed behind, but I was shocked that no one has returned from space or the bunker yet.. What went wrong?
Most importantly, this time jump! I was shocked to see such a huge gap. I mean, six years is a longggg time. We've seen how quickly things can change within a little amount of time when they were on the ground, so imagine what could have happened in space or the bunker within SIX WHOLE YEARS.

I think for every character, there would be something I would say to each of them. I would try to find the right questions to ask Jasper in order to help with his pain. I'd like to tell Raven to believe in herself more or convince Bellamy to forgive himself already. But if I had to choose just one person, I would tell Clarke to stop shutting herself off from the people she cares about.
It was kind of hard to connect with her this season, wasn't it? She became so cold and guarded because that's how she decided to deal with everything that was going on, and her grief over Lexa. And we didn't really see too much of what was going on in her head unless other people were calling her out on her actions. And that's when I would've pulled her to the side to tell her that she should choose to show how much she loved each person in her life.
Side note, I think she finally saw this at the end of the season. Like when she broke down after she realized she couldn't say goodbye to her mother, or how she ultimately chose death to save her friends.

That's a great question, one that really made me think. I don't know that if I was in their world if I would survive or could do what they do. And I wouldn't really know what to say to them. I'm not the type of person that expresses a lot of affection but I'd choose to give them all a hug. Sometimes you don't need words but merely someone to hold you. Just for a few minutes of content. You may not know but coming from me that is a very significant gesture, if not one of the biggest. And.. Maybe if I was passing through I may tell Clarke and Bellamy to get their act together.

I second that! ;)

I've always loved season one and two but season three felt like it got a little lost along the way, focusing maybe a little too much on a different core story, over complicating it, and losing the 100 along the way. However season four felt as if this season had gone back to its roots. Being able to blend the story back with the 100, still keeping them center while still keeping the core story prominent was a big improvement from season three. I hope with next season they continue to enhance on this more and it could be their best season yet!

Completely agree with you, Maddi! And I feel the same way about continuing this with season five. Season two will always be my favorite, but I honestly think season four is my second on the list. I think the writers did a wonderful job at, like you said, keeping the 100 at the center of the show and still adding fun new factors into the plot. It was just a fun season where we got smiles, tears, and everything in between!

Like I talked about earlier, I'm hoping to see the show move past this war between the Grounders and Skaikru. I'm hoping they've changed after having to survive in a bunker together, having to live with each other's cultures in such a small space. Maybe they'll learn to understand each other, and possibly find a way to live in peace together with Octavia leading them as equals, and as one Clan. It may just be what they need.
I'd also like to see some fresh new faces instead of the usual fighters. This time I'd like to see a new more classic, simple enemy, which we might see by whoever is inside that ship.

I agree. I mean the show has truly brought the series full circle. Clarke and Skaikru are now considered Grounders to these new people, and now this will be time for them to do things right. To make better decisions than the Grounders did when it came to Skaikru coming to Earth. I'm excited and hopeful to see all of them come together and truly be Wonkru.

I would also hope to see more development for characters like Octavia. She's been put in a leadership position and it's about time she stood at the front. However, as we've heard before, standing at the front can be a lonely road and can bring the weight of very tough decisions. I can't wait to see how those six years affected her.
I also hope to see more focus on relationship dynamics like Octavia and Indra, Kane and Indra, and Raven and Murphy. Seeing more of those dynamics then those of just romantic relationships. I'd also love to see more of Indra's daughter, Gaia.

I'm really excited to see where all of those relationships go from here? All these characters grew so close on the ground given their circumstances.. But after six whole years of separation. . . How much will they still mean to each other? And given that The 100 is character driven, this is an important question that I'm sure will be answered in the next season.
One important relationship I'm interested to see evolve is Raven and Bellamy. I both love and hate how they decided to separate Raven, Bellamy, and Clarke because the three of them make such a great team. But how will Raven and Bellamy do on their own without Clarke there? I feel like they seem to disagree more than anything but Clarke was always there to mediate. Will they be able to lead without her? Will someone else become their mediator?

Clarke has clearly changed in those six years. I loved what we saw and I can't wait to learn more about this Clarke, and to learn more about the Nightblood girl she seems to have adopted. I would love to see how they met and how their stories originated.
The young girl was over the moon when Clarke told her that her friends were coming home. Finally about to meet them, she seemed like she knew them well even though she's never met them. I can imagine all the stories Clarke has told her, all the memories of her friends, especially those as important to her as Bellamy.
Want to know a true fact? When I first saw the child I instinctively thought it was Bellamy's then I face palmed myself remembering that they're not even a couple. Maybe the child reminded me a lot of Bellamy or maybe in a way it will be his child. I'm hoping to see a dynamic of the three and maybe secretly wishing for them to be a family.

I'm with you, I'm secretly hoping that somehow those three will have a happily ever after and make my Bellarke heart full.
But I was happy that Clarke was able to find someone left on Earth.. Imagine where she would be if she didn't have anyone at all? I think she would be a whole different person than the glimpse we saw of her at the end of the finale.
There are just so many questions when it concerns every character on the show.. I think there will be a lot of parallels from season one and five because the writers LOVE their parallels and honestly I'd be excited to see all of them. Will Octavia be the first one to emerge from the bunker? Will Clarke be reunited with Monty first? And can we please get an epic Bellarke reunion? I'm expecting it to be season two times a million!!

I'm also hoping to see that the writers haven't made Bellamy move on because he thinks Clarke's dead. Bellamy knew Clarke had Nightblood he even said after she was exposed to the radiation that he's still hoping for it to work. I'm tired of watching them shove someone in-between Bellamy and Clarke just to stop their relationship from evolving. It's time to let them develop naturally. After four years it's time for Bellarke to shine.

- May we all meet again in 2018 -


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