LATER, 2016

"I've learned a lot this year.. I learned that things don't always turn out the way you planned, or the way you think they should. And I've learned that there are things that go wrong that don't always get fixed or get put back together the way they were before. I've learned that some broken things stay broken, and I've learned that you can get through bad times and keep looking for better ones, as long as you have people who love you." - Jennifer Weiner

I think most of us are in agreement that 2016 was the absolute worst. . .
Allow me to rewind to the first of January when I wrote my first post of the year. I closed with this sentence, "Here's to 2016 and the many lessons ahead of me," and honestly when I said this I didn't really think this year would be as troubling as it was. There are several things I never expected to happen this year, such as, losing my father or struggling so much with all three of my children now being in school rather than at home with me. I'm a completely different person than who I was at the beginning of the year.


Simply Nicollette's recap posts for The 100 will contain spoilers.

Welcome back The 100 fans!
We have almost survived this long hiatus and are so much closer to the season four premiere in February! Maddi and I are back to discuss that intense trailer the CW released last week! So, let's talk about what's ahead of us this coming season.


Simply Nicollette reviews - books, movies, television shows, etc. with slight spoilers. I try my best to review without giving away too much of the story.

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Did I Mention I Miss You? is the final book in the DIMILY trilogy. It's by far my favorite book out of the entire series! I thought Estelle Maskame brought Tyler and Eden's story to a beautiful close and I absolutely loved it.

"I guess in a way we're all just broken pieces, hoping somehow to fit together to become a perfect picture, a real family."


Simply Nicollette reviews - books, movies, television shows, etc. with slight spoilers. I try my best to review without giving away too much of the story.

It's been awhile since I've done a proper 'Book Spotlight' and I'm excited to share today's book! I've been in a weird reading mood lately.. YA contemporaries seem to be my main interest, there's always something special about reading a good coming-of-age story.

Alterations by Stephanie Scott was the perfect weekend read!
This book is full of everything we love about contemporaries; young love, self-discovery, family, and a little drama. Our main character, Amelia, comes full circle as she goes on a journey to discover who and what she truly wants in her life.. And I loved every minute of reading her story!


Life has been a bit busy for us lately.
When I go back and think of the past month it seems as if we haven't been doing much, but somehow we have managed to stay extremely busy. . . Life with three little ones manages to do that I suppose.
After a rough few months, I've finally reached the end of the tunnel and feel more like myself as the days continue to pass. I know everyone always says it takes time to move on from pain and heartbreak, and at the time it always feels as if that person just doesn't understand.. But the truth is that it does take time. You just have to take it one day at a time and try your hardest to discover the love for the new you. Now that all the pain and anger have passed, I feel nothing but grateful for these last few months. I'm thankful that I can take all that my father's passing taught me and be a better version of who I was before, which brings me back to where we are in our lives now.
I've allowed myself to simplify a bit.


This Moment is a weekly ritual of a single photo - no words - capturing a special moment from the week. These photos represent a moment that is dear to my heart, whether it be of someone or something I love.



I'm so excited to share my playlist for Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo!
If you've been following me for awhile then you know how much I love this little gang of thieves, and I had a lot of fun finding songs that fit these characters! I'm really proud of myself, too. Which is weird.. I hope you like this playlist as much as I did!


This Moment is a weekly ritual of a single photo - no words - capturing a special moment from the week. These photos represent a moment that is dear to my heart, whether it be of someone or something I love.



This Moment is a weekly ritual of a single photo - no words - capturing a special moment from the week. These photos represent a moment that is dear to my heart, whether it be of someone or something I love.



Simply Nicollette reviews - books, movies, television shows, etc. with slight spoilers. I try my best to review without giving away too much of the story.

Melody's Key by Dallas Coryell
Release Date: June 24, 2016
AsherRain Publications

"His eyes settled on her. . . piercing green embers of flame that revealed the ferocity of his pain and passion, yet still shrouded him under veils of ever deepening mystery that made every ounce of her ache to unravel him."

Tegan Lockwood's dreams were dead, sacrificed on the noble altar of duty before they ever had a chance to live. Her entire existence was disappearing into the abyss of apathy as she labored her days away keeping her family's struggling business alive. There would be no emotion, no color, no beauty in her life. That is, until a mysterious visitor begins to draw her out of the darkness of her past towards something that will challenge the boundaries of her world, and unlock the most deeply held secrets of her heart.


This Moment is a weekly ritual of a single photo - no words - capturing a special moment from the week. These photos represent a moment that is dear to my heart, whether it be of someone or something I love.



Simply Nicollette reviews - books, movies, television shows, etc. with slight spoilers. I try my best to review without giving away too much of the story.

I'm so excited to be participating in this blog tour for Quanta Reset by Lola Dodge! Quanta Reset is the third book in The Shadow Ravens series, and I absolutely loved it. You can check out my review for the second book in this series, Quanta, here. Make sure to visit all the other great blogs participating in this tour and enter the giveaway!


This Moment is a weekly ritual of a single photo - no words - capturing a special moment from the week. These photos represent a moment that is dear to my heart, whether it be of someone or something I love.



"Let someone love you just the way you are - as flawed as you might be, as unattractive as you sometimes feel, and as unaccomplished as you think you are. To believe that you must hide all the parts of you that are broken, out of fear that someone else is incapable of loving what is less than perfect, is to believe that sunlight is incapable of entering a broken window and illuminating a dark room."


Losing my father has been incredibly crippling for me.
I have so many unresolved feelings regarding my dad. There isn't a moment in my day where I'm not wondering how those conversations we never had would be like.

When I first found out that he passed away.. I laughed.
I felt as if I was in a dream, like this couldn't really be happening. His family must be playing a trick on me. It was only hours before that I even found out that he was sick, so it was hard for me to believe any of it was real.
I took a shower immediately after finding out.. That's when the shock finally began to ware off.
I completely broke down. I cried hard. I punched my door. I was so frustrated. I was so angry. I was just so damn pissed that I wasn't there. I couldn't even call him to tell him that I forgive him.. That all I ever wanted was his love and to love him back. I was heartbroken.
I wondered who is going to walk me down the aisle now, dad?!
I know it's a weird thought to have, but that's what I was thinking.. I always dreamed of my wedding day, and the most important part of that day would be my dad walking me down the aisle. Being there. Being a part of something important happening in my life.
I wanted that and now I'll never have it.
It breaks my heart.


Simply Nicollette's recap posts for The 100 will contain spoilers.

Another fantastic season has come to an end. . .
The 100 always finds a way to solve the current season's problems while setting up the next season also. So like always, it did just that through this season finale and it was amazing! Maddi and I are excited to be sharing our thoughts about each episode throughout this entire season with you. You can read our recap of "Perverse Instantiation - Part One" here.
Now, let's discuss!


This Moment is a weekly ritual of a single photo - no words - capturing a special moment from the week. These photos represent a moment that is dear to my heart, whether it be of someone or something I love.



Simply Nicollette's recap posts for The 100 will contain spoilers.

The 100 never fails to deliver the pain in their finales, and man was there a lot of pain this week. Maddi and I are excited to be sharing our thoughts about each episode throughout this entire season with you. You can read our recap of "Red Sky at Morning" here.
Let's talk about all our feelings now. . .


 photo thelasttime.png

This year will be the last time I send a kid off for their first day of Kindergarten.
My youngest will be starting summer school to help with his transition into class in the fall. Although I am thankful that our school district offers this. . . I just wish my baby could stay home for a little bit longer.


Simply Nicollette's recap posts for The 100 will contain spoilers.

What a thrilling episode this week!
My adrenaline was going crazy while watching this episode. The 100 is not afraid to show the evil that is present in this world, and through every episode they remind us of that. Maddi and I are excited to be sharing our thoughts about each episode throughout this entire season with you. You can read our recap of "Join or Die" here.
Now - let's discuss!


This Moment is a weekly ritual of a single photo - no words - capturing a special moment from the week. These photos represent a moment that is dear to my heart, whether it be of someone or something I love.



This Moment is a weekly ritual of a single photo - no words - capturing a special moment from the week. These photos represent a moment that is dear to my heart, whether it be of someone or something I love.



Simply Nicollette's recap posts for The 100 will contain spoilers.

Another great episode this week!
All the religious symbolism, those flashbacks, and new characters all made for another great episode! Maddi and I are excited to be sharing our thoughts about each episode throughout this entire season with you. You can read our recap of "Demons" here.
Now - let's talk about this episode!


Simply Nicollette reviews - books, movies, television shows, etc. with slight spoilers. I try my best to review without giving away too much of the story.

This month was a bit rough for me when it came to reading.
I only read seven books and two novellas, whereas I usually read roughly ten books.. Besides being extra busy this month, I hit a bit of a reading slump and ended up using the spare-time I did have watching TV or drawing. It was nice, but hitting a reading slump is always hard because you just miss your imaginary worlds and the magic inside of them.

I really did enjoy the books that I did read though. I finished the last two books in The Winner's Trilogy, which is now one of my favorite series! Also, I read The Raven Boys and I'm currently working on finishing the series. I'm feeling refreshed and I look forward to reading in May! Until the end of the month, here are the books that I read in April!


Simply Nicollette reviews - books, movies, television shows, etc. with slight spoilers. I try my best to review without giving away too much of the story.

Whisper to Me by Nick Lake
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Whisper to Me tackles mental illness in an extremely relatable and unique way.

"If someone has cancer, they're brave and fighting. If someone is having problems with their mind, that person is only ever struggling."

This story was good. Honestly, there were times when I had to stop reading because I related to Cass, the main character, in more ways than one and it was hard to read.. I've struggled with depression and anxiety since I was a teenager, and the way Cass feels throughout her journey was very much how I felt during mine. It was emotionally tiring to read through her voice, but her POV was an important one.

This story is told in complete flashbacks and is set up as a very long email to the boy that Cass loves. She hurt him and she is trying to apologize to him, and explain everything behind her actions.. So, she goes all the way back to the beginning when she is finishing her junior year of high school and she begins to hear a voice speaking to her. The voice is angry, mean, and tells her to do horrible things, especially to herself.

Cass believes this voice to be a ghost.. As a reader it's not hard to figure out that she is dealing with mental issues. As we get to know Cass more and her life - it's a bit heartbreaking. I felt sorry for her because she completely isolates herself from the world because she doesn't think she deserves to be loved. Her mind is telling her that people will never like her, even her own father.

I'm not going to spoil this story for you, but I am going to say that I don't think this book is going to be for everyone. It's definitely for the more patient readers because it's very slow and really digs deep into who Cass truly is, and how her mind works, and how all of that helps shape the relationships around her.

She is hard to connect with at the beginning. I think it was brave how Nick Lake decided to share her story though, and I really enjoyed his writing. Telling the story through a letter helped you to connect with Cass in the end.. and personally, I felt as if I was actually the boy she was writing to.

I wish we got a bit more at the end. There was a moment when I teared up because it was beautiful how Cass ended a certain relationship, and that's all I'll say about that.. If you do decide to check this book out, I hope that you stick through the rough beginning and invest yourself into Cass and her relationships with her friends and family. It may be because I've suffered for most of my life that I found her story so inspiring, but I think even if you don't have a mental illness you'll still find a little bit of yourself after reading this.

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys contemporaries that tackle tough issues, or books that dig deep into the characters and their relationships, and enjoys a slower read in order to do this!

* Quotes listed above are subject to change.



I have a love/hate relationship with book to movie adaptations.
There are the books that I fall in absolute love with and hope to have a movie made for them, but then I get nervous because I don't want them to completely botch the thing (cough Divergent cough)..
So, it's a complicated relationship for me.

There have been a few that I've seen recently that I have truly loved though.
Sadly, it's a short list and not all of my favorites are on here, but these are the ones that I highly recommend to everyone.

Harry Potter Series

This one is a given, right?! Like the rest of the fandom, I absolutely love all of the Harry Potter movies! I think these movies were perfectly cast, especially Harry, Ron, and Hermione. They found a beautiful way to bring life to a beloved series and were able to capture the true magic behind these books.

The Hunger Games Series

There's a reason why these movies are the best out of any young adult book to movie adaptations that release.. They stay true to the books in every movie. The people behind them know how to reach both book lovers and movie goers, and I can't help but appreciate them. I love these movies as much as I love the books. I felt all the emotions and strength from the words come alive onto the big screen, and that's why I think they're so great.

Me and Earl and the Dying Girl

"It is a universally acknowledged truth that high school sucks. In fact, high school is where we are first introduced to the basic existential question of life: How is it possible to exist in a place that sucks so bad?"

This movie has a special place in my heart because it's such an honest take on growing up and finding yourself. I love Jesse Andrews's writing, and the humor along with their whole personalities of his characters were perfectly cast and brought to life in this movie. There is just a beautiful message through this story. The ending is a killer and broke my heart in a good way. I can't recommend this movie enough.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

This is my favorite book.
Charlie's story is such a beautiful one. Just like the book, this movie captures how one feels growing up and feeling completely different or out of place. It's about learning how to accept yourself and knowing that you deserve love. There were a few things left out of the movie from the book that I would have loved to see, but it wasn't a deal breaker for me. The cast is perfection. The writing is great. I just love, love, love all of it.

The Maze Runner Series

Ok, so I might be in the minority on this one but I really love these movies. It's most likely because Dylan O'brien brings Thomas to life perfectly.. To be honest though the movies are completely different from the books, I mean there are similarities (of course) but they changed a lot. This is one of those things that I've learned to accept because I enjoy it too much not to. I'm able to separate the books from the movies which allows me to enjoy them. I think they're a lot of fun!

- - -

Those are just a few of my favorite book to movie adaptations.
If you haven't read any of these books then I think you'd still enjoy these movies!
Have you read any of these books and/or seen the movies? Did you enjoy them? Leave me a comment and let me know!



Simply Nicollette's recap posts for The 100 will contain spoilers.

What a creepily, good episode!
It all looks like it's leading up to an epic season finale! Maddi and I are excited to be sharing our thoughts about each episode throughout this entire season with you. You can read our recap of "Nevermore" here.
Let's talk about this episode!

Demons Synopsis:

"Jaha returns to Polis, and Murphy has a surprise encounter. Meanwhile, Octavia uncovers a clue."

Maddi - The 100 opens with us back at the 100’s current home, the cave. Miller, Bryan, and Harper are gathered around a fire as a storm rages outside. Miller asks the others if they have heard the one about the massacre on Alpha station, as he gets ready to tell them a story. Bryan tries to sleep as Miller begins his story. . . "It wasn’t long after Unity Day. Generation one didn’t know they were going to leave the ground forever, some of them lost their minds."

Bryan chimes in that he’s not listening. That they’re meeting the others in six hours and they need sleep as Miller reveals Bryan hates ghost stories, but Harper wants to hear it, as she challenges him to scare her, so Miller continues on. . .

"There’s this one guy. Brazilian. Captain Fardargo, that was his name. He started to see his dead wife and kids in his dreams. They were all burnt up from the bombs. He told the ship's doc that they looked like demons. After a while, he started to see them when he was awake too. He would beg and beg and beg them to leave him alone, just to stop. They said the only way they would leave him alone was if he did one thing. . . kill. His weapon of choice - a metal hook. He murdered eleven people in one night. He gutted them and strung them up in the mess. Worst part of it, when the guards found him, he was cut into pieces too. He wrote a single word with his own blood on the floor, with the arm he didn’t hack off. . . Demons," Miller whispers as a boom of thunder sounds outside.

Bryan trying discreetly to cover his ears with his hands, not wanting to hear anymore as Miller continues. . . "You know that scraping sound we hear at Alpha station sometimes. Some say that’s Fardargo’s ghost. Dragging his metal hook along the walls. Begging the demons to stop. . . but they never do. . . and he’s back looking for his next victim," Miller says as he sneaks up on Bryan, scaring him.

Kristy - I know it's not Halloween or anything, but that opening was creepy and scary!

M - Miller leaves, telling them to listen out for that hook, as he goes to answer nature’s call. Harper tells Bryan to relax. Reminding him that there are no demons out there, just Grounders who didn’t hear the blockade was lifted, as Bryan points out, "And an army of chipped Arkadians." Suddenly Harper and Miller hear a faint noise coming from where Miller just disappeared to, Bryan grabs his gun and gets up to go check it out, as Harper jokes when they find Captain Fardargo get him to chop up some more fire wood for them.

Bryan disappears too, a silence falls over the cave before there’s another noise, a crash, worrying Harper who thinks that it’s Miller messing with her. After no response from the guys she grabs her gun and gets up as the storm outside gets worse. She calls to them but no one answers. She yells out that "This isn’t funny anymore," calling to them as she slowly walks towards where they went. She gets to the entrance but no one's there. Harper tells the empty air in front of her that they win. They got her, and can stop messing around. Harper hears a noise and spins around to find something standing right behind her, something that looks like a black monster, as she lets out a chilling scream as it cuts out and we go into the opening credits. I don’t know about you but I could just see that those eerie eyes were looking out from a mask, but the question is - what lies beneath it?

M - Finally we return to a glimpse of Polis. Ontari and Murphy are walking among the markets as everyone offers blessings to their new Heda, when someone quietly calls to Murphy. It’s Emori. I know we’ve all been wondering what happened to her. Emori is using the cover that she’s a vendor to get into Polis. Emori tells him she’s been looking for him since he had been taken. I knew she would have, I knew she wouldn’t just leave Murphy. She mentions it wasn’t until she heard rumors of the new Heda’s handsome new Skaikru Flamekeeper did she finally know where he was. Emori points out she taught him well and that the new Heda is one hell of a mark, and that she wants in.

This did strike me odd. I know they made their living as thieves and fooling others, but I only saw Murphy in this position because he was doing what he needed to do to survive, not trying to con the new Heda, he didn’t plan this as he was thrown into this situation. I guess I thought she’d be more concerned or try to help him escape.

K - I completely agree. I thought Emori would be more concerned for Murphy and help him escape instead of trying to get "in" with his mark of the new Heda. I guess that should've been a warning that something was up with her. . .

M - By stopping to talk to Emori, Murphy fell behind and before they can continue Ontari returns looking for him, as they quickly hide their conversation. Ontari orders him not to fall behind again as she marches off. Murphy quickly tells Emori to follow this street, alley on the left, black door half way down as he promises to get away as soon as he can.

M - Over in the rover, the 100 are on the move. Raven is dissecting Becca’s journal, finding it amazing that at only 26, Becca found a pathway to access a human mind. That same year she had to lock-up A.L.I.E because her answer for what was wrong with the world was too many people. She was 27 when A.L.I.E launched the bombs. Clarke asks her what did she write about the flame, the second A.I, Becca saw it as a way to atone for her sins. She designed it not to just access the human mind, but to merge with one. It could never wipe them out because it would be one of them as they find out Becca put it in herself first, the first Commander. Becca altered her genes so her body wouldn’t reject the implant, Raven tells them, as Monty fiddles with the chip, clearly eyeing it off, drawn to it and the possibility of not feeling his pain anymore, just like anyone would be.

K - Will Monty be the one to eventually take the chip? He might want to get rid of his pain.. or he might want to see if his mom is truly in this City of Light everyone talks about..

M - Clarke asks Raven if the gene therapy had made her blood black. Raven confirms it as Octavia asks her how she knew that. Clarke responds with, "Nightblood. That’s where it came from," as she says what we all thought that somehow it’s become hereditary, but it’s clearly rare as there are only a few known Nightbloods at a time, now only two remaining. 

Clarke says Luna has it and that’s why they have to find her. It seems Clarke finally had time to tell them about what happened to Lexa and what Ontari did. Now the question is how can they find Luna and stop A.L.I.E, they can’t do both? As they realize that if Luna can access the second A.I, she can tell them how to stop A.L.I.E, finding Luna becomes their priority.

Monty asks them to get the conversation back to the mind pathway as he points out if A.L.I.E uses it to upload their minds into the City of Light, then there’s a chance his mum is still alive. Raven tells him that it depends on your definition of alive. Monty clearly wants to see his mum again, hoping a part of her may yet still be alive. Technically her mind may be there but there’s no saying what has become of it. It may still be under the control of A.L.I.E and we don’t know what they could have done to it.

Bellamy announces to get ready as they are almost home. They’re going home to Arkadia. But why, that is very risky. Last time they left everyone was being controlled. They don’t know how many of them there could be or what they’re walking into. Bellamy radios to Miller, then to Harper when he doesn’t get a response. Telling them they're two minutes away, but there’s still no answer as Clarke and Bellamy look at each other with worried expressions, as an uneasy Jasper sarcastically says, "Good start."

K - Did anyone else love hearing Bellamy say, "We're almost home," because I sure did!

M - They arrive at Arkadia to find that there’s still no gate after Jasper smashed it down. Jasper points out, "Maybe because there’s no one here to fix it," as they carefully, with their guns aimed, walk back into their home. I have to say how badass did everyone look then, in formation, working as a team, they kind of looked unstoppable. 

K - This is what made me originally fall in love with The 100. The way these characters are thrown together, despite their differences, all with the same goal of trying to survive by working together.

M - “It’s like a ghost town,” Raven whispers, as the silence brings forth the eeriness. The emptiness of a home and it’s missing people. Bellamy radios Miller again, asking them where they are after not showing up to meet. A tense Bellamy does not like this, as Jasper suggests, “Maybe they got chipped." Bellamy pointing out, “If they got chipped, they’d be waiting for us at the cave." Jasper continues offering explanations, "Maybe they saw the open gate and went in for Lincoln’s book." “Maybe you should stop saying maybe,” Octavia chimes in, as everyone continues to grow more nervous. 

Now we finally know the reason why they went back to Arkadia. They need Lincoln’s book. I forgot that he has a map to the boat people, to Luna. I still thinks it’s odd, from what they know everyone was being controlled and they are outnumbered, but they went in there with a few guns and a rover, what exactly was their plan. I don’t think they would have had much of chance if the people, and A.L.I.E were still there. It’s just lucky no one was home. 

K - Yea, that didn't seem like such a great plan. . .

[ image has been removed ]

M - Clarke points out, “If they are chipped, A.L.I.E already knows we're coming,” as they continue moving through the camp, now on high alert. Octavia sees something and stops in her tracks, followed by Bellamy. They’re looking at a pile of blood on the ground. My first thought was that something has happened here, that someone has most likely been killed and that’s when I realize that they already have been. . . Lincoln. Octavia breaks her gaze from the ground and tells them with pain in her voice, “Let's get his book and get the hell out of here." Not wanting to stay there any longer, to see his blood, and the place where his life was taken. Jasper agreeing, “That’s a plan I can support." Clarke is confused, not truly understanding what’s going on until Bellamy leans over and whispers "Lincoln" to her. Clarke stares at the place Lincoln died, as once again it hits home what has become of her people when she left them and wasn’t there for them, and wonders if the outcome could have been different if she had stayed, as she sees the blood of one of her friends. 

K - Well that was heartbreaking to see Octavia so vulnerable. We can tell that she's still angry and hurt, and she's trying so hard to mask her pain, that's what makes this so hard to watch while she goes through all of this. I don't think any of them really know what to say to her either.. I don't think there is any right thing TO say.

M - They enter the Ark, sealing the doors behind them, and themselves inside. I’m pretty sure that’s not a good idea, they have no idea how long Arkadia has been empty, anyone or anything could have walked in. I can’t help but continuously think back to where was everyone? Why did they leave? What did A.L.I.E do with everyone? Where did she send them? I can’t stop questioning - why?

Everyone begins to explore the room. It’s also empty of people as they notice there are plates of food that have yet to be finished, items still left where they had been in use. An eeriness of what was once there. “It’s like they just got up and walked away,” Clarke comments. Bellamy directs everyone to grab what they can and to pack as much supplies as they can get into the rover as Octavia offers to get the map, Jasper going with her, “I’ll go with her, no one should be alone." I think Jasper meant more by this than just implying the possible danger, but as support for Octavia, knowing this isn’t easy for her, and what she must do next.

Raven questions what’s the rush, positive they won’t be coming back. Clarke asks her how she knows. “A.L.I.E’s mission is to chip everyone, it wouldn’t make sense to return to a place she already took.” What Raven said was logical and true, but A.L.I.E won’t just let them run around trying to ruin and destroy her mission. . . So, I’m still wondering why they left Arkadia unguarded and as far as we know she’s yet to send someone to hunt them down, now that they know her weakness. Sinclair adds, “It might make sense if there was someone in that place, i.e. you, who could tell us stuff like that.”

I had thought of that too along with Sinclair. If they had someone connected to A.L.I.E in her City of Light they could learn useful things, but what we saw happen to Raven, she was consumed and could fight it for only so long, even with her strength. Though that thought was also connected to the theory we have going of someone taking the chip they are currently carrying. I did say someone would take it but what I didn’t put was that ironically I also thought that someone might take it to purposely get access to A.L.I.E, but I thought it was impossible after how we saw her take over Raven. But now after Sinclair said it I think it is now possible, and that Bellamy might be the person for it. Though I don’t need to tell you how dangerous it is. A.L.I.E offers to remove their pain and we all know they all have much of it. It can be tempting. Then she takes your memories and they lose themselves and their control, and that’s why I said it's impossible. So will the chip be taken by someone suffering, who can’t bear it anymore and is trying to escape, or someone trying to infiltrate A.L.I.E? 

The chip theory came from a picture that was released. It looked like the scene may have something to do with the upcoming Bellarke hug. In the scene Bellamy is shown saying, “I don’t want to feel that way anymore." That’s where the theory of him taking the chip began and that Clarke will be the one to stop him. But here’s another theory: what if he’s already taken it to get access to A.L.I.E and he’s fighting the temptation of giving in, and Clarke may be the only one to help him hold on. Both theories are optional. . . I can’t wait to see what will happen! 

K - Wow, I didn't even think of that reasoning for Bellamy to be the one to take the chip. After what Sinclair said, it does make sense given that Bellamy is strong and even though he's suffering I'm sure that he believes he's strong enough to fight losing himself completely to A.L.I.E. Now I'm really interested to see what happens!

[ image has been removed ]

M - Octavia and Jasper arrive at Lincoln’s room, the pain obvious on her face as she opens the door to the place he once called home. Octavia slowly walks in and stops when she sees his jacket. Unable to stop herself from reaching for it, she picks it up, and smells it. The smell of the man she loved. The man that was not too long ago standing right there, standing next to her. The memory breaks her as she looses control. Breaking down. 

Jasper can see her struggling so he reminds her, “You remember when you told me it gets better." “This is not the same thing,” Octavia tells him. “It’s okay to fall apart a little, Octavia. You loved him." I loved when Jasper said this. It’s a big change from the guy we saw last week. The way he’s been towards both Monty and Octavia since they have recently lost someone speaks volumes. I think he’s finally going down a different path and beginning to recover and heal in his own way. I hope in time he can help Octavia. Octavia angrily replies, “A warrior doesn’t mourn the dead until the war is over." Angry at herself for feeling grief when she thinks it’s not right to. It just shows how much of the Grounder ways she believes in. As she searches through Lincoln’s things, looking for his book, Jasper gives her a minute and steps out into the hall. 

K - I loved this moment between Jasper and Octavia also. I definitely think we are seeing another side to Jasper, and seeing how he's trying to be a better friend because he sees how easy it is for all of them to lose someone close to them. This is a cruel world they are living in right now, and anyone can get killed, and I think he finally understands this.

M - Octavia finally finds the book. She opens it and of course finds the portrait Lincoln drew of her, back before everything happened or began. A piece of what started their relationship, a piece of them. She continues looking through it until she finds the map. “Luna. We're on our way." Octavia begins to pack things up when there’s a faint noise, enough for it to catch her attention, and she spins around. It’s Jasper with blood dripping from his head, barely able to walk, as he moans something incoherent and drops to the ground. Octavia runs to him, trying to wake him up when something charges her, grabs her from behind, and chokes her as everything goes black.

A major shocking wtf moment. The fear that went through me when for a second I thought they could be dead was terrible, because technically we don’t know if they are alive. The other question being what is it or who is it? Is it real? Is it not? 

K - I was literally like "wtf" when this happened.. It came out of nowhere and I was pissed because, at first like you said, it did seem like they could be dead!


M - Back at Polis, Murphy is evidently waiting for Emori. He leads her into the Flamekeeper’s temple (also known as the room with the drawings, as I so elegantly put it before I found a more correct/better name). Emori has never set foot in this room before, so when she sees the drawings all over the temple walls it catches her eye.

K - First off, how cute are Murphy and Emori? I'm not going to lie when I say I'm actually happy that Murphy found someone he loves and that person cares about him, too.

M - Emori walks to the pod and says, “I recognize some of this tech," which is weird since technically it’s Skaikru technology not Grounder. Murphy mistakes it as her meaning something else as he says, “Let me guess, the Flamekeeper was one of your customers.” She’s drawn to one of the drawings on the wall, the one of the woman, standing above the rest as a savior in the darkness, their first Commander (also known as Becca, a Sky Person and creator of A.L.I.E). Emori asks him who it is. He tells her, “They call her Becca prom Heda. She was the first Commander." A shocked and awed Emori can only repeat her name in a whisper, not able to take her eyes away from the drawing. 

That was all it took to give away what was really going on. That she had sadly been chipped. Her out of character reactions to the drawing, like someone who had never heard the story, who had never seen anything like it, with the type of curiosity, admiration, and awe A.L.I.E would have seeing it. That’s exactly what I saw, not Emori seeing them but A.L.I.E. Which is insane when you think about it for the actors to be able to portray that, that I could actually see A.L.I.E seeing those drawings for the first time.

K - The first time I watched the episode, of course I thought nothing of this besides Emori acting just a little weird.. Then watching it a second time I can see A.L.I.E's curiosity showing through Emori, and I can't believe I missed it the first time.

M - Murphy questions Emori about believing in this religious stuff, which he believes it to be crap. As they continue to move through the room, Emori taking in everything. Then she sees the written words “seek higher things”, and this gets an even more powerful response from her before her and Murphy get back to having some alone time.

M - Back at Arkadia everyone is still searching the camp. Bellamy blasts into the armory and finds stacks of ammo before radioing to the others to meet him there, that they got lucky. Is anyone else wondering why A.L.I.E left supplies? Especially ammo? She obviously knows they’re going to use it. 

Clarke goes to meet him but Raven tells her to leave the second A.I. Clarke of course questions why, and Raven says she may know how to activate it but Clarke’s dubious as she questions how, without a Nightblood. Raven’s found a code for activating it with a spoken word. Clarke asks what phrase could do that but Raven tells them it could be anything. Raven deduces that it was in Lexa, she would have known it, but Clarke tells her Lexa didn’t even know she was an A.I. Raven tells her that’s the thing though, “She wasn’t an A.I, her mind was just enhanced by one. I’m guessing the reason she didn’t know is because the program degraded over time. Parts of it got lost. Think Clarke. It might have been a phrase that meant something to Lexa. Words she said over and over again."

I’m pretty sure we all had the same thought as Clarke tries activating it with “blood must have blood” but to no avail. She tries it again but in Trigedasleng “jus drein jus daun". Still nothing happens. Monty picks up Becca’s journal and sees the phrase written on it and speaks “seek higher things”. Once again nothing happens. Then Raven remembers Becca’s book is full of Latin phrases but Raven can’t read those, but luckily Sinclair can as he tries to translate it. He tries a first translation but it doesn’t work, so he goes for a less literal translation “ascende superius” and the chip flares to life.

M - Raven tries to pick up the chip with a tool but it shuts off so she leans forward and activates it again, speaking the phrase, as she continues to lean towards it, being drawn to it. Clarke stops her just in time, before she touches it. “It’s like it sensed your mind,” Monty says awestruck. Clarke tells them, “When someone without the blood takes the Flame, the Flame takes their life."

Sinclair points out there must be another way to access the code. Raven says there isn’t, and until they find it a host, they won't know how to stop A.L.I.E. “Then let's find it a host. Come on, Bellamy’s waiting. And so is Luna,” Clarke says as her and Monty go to meet Bellamy, as Raven and Sinclair stay behind.

K - I'm all for them finding Luna and placing the chip inside of her mind, but I'm also a little nervous that she won't be the best ally for them. . . If there's one thing I've learned from this show, it's that you can't trust anyone so easily.

M - Clarke and Monty are walking among the halls of the Ark. “Once we find Luna, this will all be over. Onatri will be exposed as a fraud, and the A.I will tell us how to shut down A.L.I.E,” Clarke says, now on a determined mission. Monty stops in his tracks and asks her, “If we shut down A.L.I.E, what happens to the City of Light?” As you realize Monty is suffering in the same way Clarke is. Clarke holds onto the second A.I because a part of it is Lexa and a part of Monty’s mum is in the City of Light. They are more alike in this moment then I thought. Both struggling, not wanting to lose that last piece of someone they’ve already lost. “Your mum will come back like Raven did. . . What about mine,” Monty tells Clarke, but before she can answer, music starts randomly playing nearby as a weird feeling fills the air as everything stops, our hearts jump in fear as Clarke whispers, “Someone’s here."

Clarke begins to move towards the music when Monty grabs her strongly, saying, “Following the creepy music is a bad idea." I think we can all agree on that! Clarke ignores his warning, Monty sarcastically saying, “Or we can follow the creepy music." They turn a corner and see a music box in the middle of the floor as they continue to slowly walk towards it. Of course the closer they get the more the music box tune starts to degrade making the moment even creepier. Clarke picks up the music box and looks underneath it to see the name of Aaron written on the bottom.

Immediately thoughts are racing through my head. Aaron. . . I don’t recall that name being said, are they Skaikru? However the music box did give away a vital clue to who or what is doing this. It’s clearly a person, and there are only two cultures on the ground that have music boxes or know of them. Skaikru and Mountain Men. Grounders wouldn’t know what it was or how it worked, or know of the attention it would track. So who is doing it? 

K - My mind automatically went to the Mountain Men because I know they had a lot of keepsakes from the world before the bombs.

M - Monty desperately says, “I don’t like this, we should go." I think it’s a bit too late for that, it was clearly a trap to lure you in and you fell straight into it. There’s a sudden noise and the room begins to fill with gas as Clarke yells for them to run! But the monster appears, coming from the other way, trapping them. Clarke sees this as Monty falls to the ground and knows she can’t out run them so she’s going to out smart them. I knew from that look in her eyes she was up to something, that she was still awake. When the person reaches them knocked out on the floor, clearly wearing a mask, they go to check Clarke’s pulse. That’s when she opens her eyes and attacks, pulling off the mask and kicking them.

[ image has been removed ]

M - Clarke runs as the person reaches for their mask before the gas gets to them. Outside Bellamy is waiting, Clarke comes running, calling for him as she falls into his arms. Bellamy asks what’s going on and Clarke, struggling to breathe, manages to choke out one word. . . "Emerson." Now it all makes sense but seriously this guy just doesn’t go away. 

K - I guess I should've known that Clarke had to deal with some part of her past, since the title of this episode is called "Demons". I just didn't think that Emerson was ever going to come back since he was banished, but he is really bent on revenge for Clarke.

[ image has been removed ]

M - Back at Polis, Murphy encourages Emori to leave Polis that it’s not safe, but she reassures him that she can look after herself. Emori begins to laugh, amazed, asking him how he pulled this off. Murphy just says he’s doing what he can to survive. Again he says he wants her to leave, “Ontari, she’s crazy and that’s coming from me. The only reason why I’m still breathing is she thinks I know how to make her the Commander.” Emori questions this, “I thought she was the Commander."

Murphy tells her, “Not technically, no. To be the Commander you have to shove a computer chip in your brain. These fools think its reincarnation.” Emori asks him, “Why would you think you could do this?” He tells her, ”Because I saw it come out of the last Commander,” as he asks her not to ask about the complicated story. “So what do you do for her now,” Emori inquiries about the new Commander. “She’s taken a liking to me,” he reluctantly tells her. “Who can blame her,” Emori says, understanding the situation he’s in and that he’s just trying to stay alive, when there’s a sudden knock on the door. It’s a man carrying a message that Ontari has summoned him. Murphy kisses her a final good-bye before leaving. 

K - I understand how Emori would see where Murphy was coming from, how he's doing everything that he is just to stay alive.. but why did Emori seem so happy about this? Why didn't she try to help him get out of Polis? This is when I began to realize that something really was not right with her. . .

[ image has been removed ]

M - At Arkadia Clarke and Bellamy have gone back for Monty, but he’s not there. Emerson has taken him. As Clarke tries to figure out why Bellamy radios for his sister, worry crossing his face when no one responds. Clarke blames herself for what Emerson has done to her friends because she made the choice to let him live. Bellamy asks her what she’s talking about, not knowing about what happened at Polis. “In Polis. I had the chance to kill him, I let him go,” regret in Clarke’s voice, as if she made the wrong choice.
Raven radios them asking, "What’s wrong?" Bellamy asks them if they’re okay and where are they. Raven responds saying they are still in engineering. Clarke grabs the radio and urgently tells Raven that Emerson is here and asks if the others are with her. Raven tells them it’s only her and Sinclair. Clarke tells her to lock down the hangar bay and don’t let anyone in but them. Sinclair races to lock the doors but we all know that it’s too late and that Emerson is already inside, and right on cue the lights go out. As we see what Emerson is seeing through night vision goggles, he sneaks up behind Raven. Raven manages to get a message through before she is knocked down. Raven screams for Sinclair to open the outer doors, but without power it has to be done manually, and they can’t see a thing. 

K - Raven also realized what this is all about, as Sinclair asked her if Emerson was chipped. He obviously thought that A.L.I.E probably sent him after them. . . but no, Raven knows that he probably just wants revenge. That's why he's there.

M - Clarke and Bellamy arrive but can’t get through the door and come to the same conclusion as they run for the outer door. Emerson goes after Sinclair and he tries to fight him blind, he lands a hit as he yells for Raven to get back in the rover and lock the door. The outer door begins to open, Raven is sitting in the rover when there’s a scream of pain from someone being hurt. As light begins to enter the room once again, there’s movement as Sinclair appears, the front of his shirt covered in blood. 

Raven gets out of the rover to go to him and he desperately tells her to stay in the rover. Raven tells him she’s going to get him out of here and he tells her that it’s okay. As Raven tries to stop the bleeding all Sinclair can say again and again is, "Stay in the rover." He begs her to get in the rover, begging for her to be safe and to live because that’s the most important thing to him. But it’s too late Emerson takes Raven and that’s the last thing Sinclair sees before he dies, someone he cares about being taken away, her life being put in jeopardy, and knowing there’s nothing he can do to help. 

K - This was the most heartbreaking thing I have ever seen.. Sinclair was like a father to Raven, and Raven was like a daughter to him. This whole season we've seen them grow and I've loved every bit of their relationship. I'm really sad to see Sinclair go, and my heart just breaks because he truly sacrificed himself for the one person he had left and the one person he loved. Now, we can only hope that Raven survives - for Sinclair and herself.

M - Bellamy and Clarke finally arrive. Clarke goes straight to Sinclair and checks his pulse, and then reaches to shut his eyes, the horror still set upon them. “We're too late,” is all Bellamy can say as Bellamy once again puts all the blame on himself by not being able to save Sinclair. You did the best you could. You did all you could. 

But by now it’s obvious what Emerson is here for.. to kill them all. Even though technically only three of these people were involved in the killing of his people, and the rest are innocent, that doesn’t matter to him. He wants Clarke to feel his pain, the pain he felt from losing all his people and his family he cared about. That’s why he took them, not to use them, to get Clarke, knowing she won’t let anything happen to them and would easily sacrifice herself. He wants her to watch them die just like he did. But the one question I can't stop thinking about is how did he find them? How did he know where they were and what they were doing? All I can come up with is that he was using a radio to listen in on them. 

K - I was wondering the same thing.. Maybe he found someone from Skaikru and killed them in order to get the radio? That wouldn't surprise me.

M - “No we're not,” Clarke replies with strength in her voice, “He didn’t kill Monty or Raven, he would have left their bodies. He took them somewhere." Bellamy tells her, “If you’re right, Octavia and the others are their too," both of them not yet willing to give up the fight. Clarke figures out that Emerson is holding them in the airlock he was once imprisoned in and grabs the radio. “Emerson. I know you're listening. We need to talk." “I don’t need to do anything. You should have killed me when you had the chance,” Emerson replies to her as he stands over everyone. Raven, Monty, Miller, Octavia, Jasper, Harper, and Bryan. All restrained in the airlock. 

"And now you're here to kill me is that it?” asks Clarke. “Something like that,” he tells her, which just backs up my thought that he’s not just here for Clarke, that he has a bigger plan. “Then let my friends go. Do that and you can have me,” Clarke doing exactly what I knew she would and Emerson too. Giving him the last thing he needs to complete his plan. “Brave Clarke. I’ll give you that. They’re lucky to have a friend like you,” we hear Emerson say through the radio as Bellamy, full of worry for her, softly calls Clarke’s name in a warning not to do this. Clarke reassures him, “I know what I’m doing,” but it doesn’t ease his uneasiness as he tries to hide the pain on his face. 

[ image has been removed ]

M - Emerson orders Clarke, “Come to the airlock. No weapons. Right now." Clarke hands the radio back to Bellamy pretty much saying take it, I’m going. Bellamy knows this and in response asks her “What the hell are you doing?” “Saving them,” she says handing Bellamy the second A.I. “When it’s over take this to Luna. Raven will know what to do with it." Clarke is the Flamekeeper, she is the protector of the A.I, but she completely trusts him to protect it, to look after that last piece of Lexa she still has. 

Bellamy clearly doesn’t agree with this plan. “Promise me,” Clarke asks wholeheartedly. “No. You're out of your mind if you think I’m letting you do this alone,” he tells her, refusing to take the A.I. “Bellamy, this is my fault. I’m not letting anyone else die for my mistake, okay, so take it,” Clarke says desperately. Bellamy cuts her off, “You through,” he asks her, standing his ground, “I don’t know what happened between you and Emerson in Polis, but I do know that letting him kill you here, today, is a stupid plan." Clarke asks him, “You got a better one?”

“Distract him. I shoot him,” he says and walks off when Clarke nods in agreement, no words necessary between them. Clarke turns to watch him, gratitude and appreciation in her eyes, as Clarke sees he won’t ever give up on her or leave her, and is completely willing to risk himself. 

K - Clarke and her damn leadership qualities.. always ready to be completely selfless and sacrifice herself for the people she loves. I love this about Clarke, but I'm glad that Bellamy was there and was able to talk her out of her plan to get killed. She doesn't deserve what Emerson wants. I know she's trying to own up to her mistakes, but this isn't the way to deal with everything that happened at Mount Weather.

M - Back at Polis, Ontari, alongside Murphy, is seeing to her people in the throne room. Murphy orders the next person to stand forward, their face covered by a hood. Ontari asks the person what do they want and they reply with, “Only to give you what you need," and immediately Murphy recognizes the voice as Jaha removes the hood covering his face, “Hello John. You’ve done well for yourself I see." “Who is this?” Ontari asks. Jaha tells her, “Your Flamekeeper and I are old friends." “Friends…” Murphy says, barely able to say it, “I don’t know what you’re doing here Jaha, but if I was you I’d leave while I still can." 

Jaha turns to Ontari and tells her, “You don’t have to be a false commander,” and she quickly orders everyone out of the room, looking like she’s ready to murder someone. Murphy questions Jaha, “How do you know that?" “You told me,” Jaha says. “He’s lying. Obviously you should kill him right now for insulting you,” Murphy trying desperately to end this. “Thus as you told me you would be unable to perform the Ascension ritual, even if you had the flame,” Jaha continues. When suddenly Emori enters the room. I’m sorry but… I knew it! Who didn’t see that coming!

K - Noooo!! Emori! How could you take the chip!?

M - “It was you… You took the chip,” says a shocked and hurt Murphy. “This is the girl from the market, you acted as if you didn’t know her,” states Ontari. “I’m his lover,” chimes in Emori as things continue to spiral and get out of control. “Ontari listen to me, you can’t trust these people,” Murphy tries to warn her. “It seems the only person I can’t trust is you,” Ontari roars as she pulls out her sword and aims it at Murphy. “I told you what would happen if you betrayed me,” she howls at him. Jaha chimes in with, “You kill him. I won’t help you." At least Jaha is willing to slightly help Murphy after throwing him under the bus and into that position, but it’s most likely for his own gain. 

K - Isn't it always?

M - “Why?” Ontari demands. “He’s a fraud. But he does have knowledge that could be useful to all of us. Trust me," there’s a tense stand-off before Ontari sheaths her sword, and orders her guards to arrest Murphy. They drag him away as he tries to tell her, “Nothing this man says is the truth," screaming, “You cant believe anything,” as he’s taken from the room. Jaha soon begins his speech trying to sell his mission. “You’re ruling without the wisdom of the Commanders' spirit. Your people will soon figure that out. I can offer you something even more powerful than the Flame. A true legacy of Becca prom Heda. All power. All wisdom. All contained in one simple key. All you have to do is swallow it,” as he hands her a chip and she’s left with a choice to make. We all know Ontari will take the chip. She will do anything for power there’s no doubting that. 

K - Can Jaha go away already? And now.. Murphy is a prisoner again. And where is Roan, did he not think to look for Clarke at Arkadia?!

M - At Arkadia, Clarke and Bellamy arrive at the airlock, Bellamy hidden out of sight. Clarke steps into view, her hands up in surrender, “I held up my part of the deal, your turn. Let my friends go." But Emerson is not so easily fooled, “Tell Bellamy to show himself first." Clarke tries to play it off, “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” but before she can finish Emerson hits Octavia, and Bellamy immediately shows himself. Emerson puts a knife to Octavia's throat, ordering Bellamy to throw away his gun and to enter the airlock. Clarke begs Emerson, “Please, you wanted me. I’ll get inside once you let them go." I can't believe they still can't see what he truly wants, if he just wanted Clarke he would have killed her a long time ago, not waited and planned, and taken her friends.

Emerson cuts Octavia and Bellamy instantly submits, asking him to stop hurting her. Clarke tells him not to do it, the same way he feared for her when she decided to sacrifice herself. Bellamy throws down his gun and with one last look towards Clarke, enters the airlock, and is restrained along with the others.

K - Oh man, what an intense scene for me. If it was up to Bellamy I know he would do anything to save both Clarke and Octavia, but in the end he will always choose Octavia's well-being over anyone else. Still it hurt to see Clarke all by herself, all her loneliness, especially after Lexa's death, showing in this single moment.

[ image has been removed ]

M - Emerson pulls a gun, aiming it at Clarke, and commands her to get on her knees and put her hands behind her head. She obliges. Then Emerson exits the airlock and seals the others inside. Realization finally hitting Clarke as she tries to beg for their lives in exchange for hers, “You can do anything you want with me, just let them go." Emerson pins Clarke to the doors of the airlock, gun pointed at her head, “You murdered 381 people. You took away my children. My brother. My friends. Did you really think that I would be happy with just one life in return," and then he pushes a button, which begins venting the oxygen from the airlock, forcing Clarke to watch as her friends start to run out of air.

K - The faces on everyone as Clarke gets on her knees.. All of them believing that was the last time they were going to see her.. Heartbreaking.

M - “Beg me to stop it,” he tells her. “I’m begging you. PLEASE!” Clarke pleads. Inside the airlock time is running out, death is upon them as the others look towards each other for comfort. Jasper and Monty look to each other, best friends no matter what they’ve been through. Bryan looks towards the man he loves, Miller trying harder to escape his restraints, looking at Bryan only making him want to fight even more, not wanting him to die. And Octavia looks to her brother as she calls out for him.
“Aaron wouldn’t want you to do this,” Clarke chokes out, realizing the music box belonged to his son. “You don’t say his name,” Emerson screams. I don’t know if Clarke was trying to reach him or catch him off guard by going for his weak spot. Either way it works as she gets a chance and fights back, but it’s not long before he overpowers her again, he chokes her but stops short wanting her alive to watch her friends die, the others having now lost all consciousness. For a moment panic shoots through you.. How is Clarke going to get out of this? Can she? There’s no one else to save them.

“First you’ll watch them die. Do you have any last words for your friends,” he asks her. “Yes. Ascende superius," Clarke says before placing the second A.I on his neck. I never would of thought of that nor did I see it coming. We watch as the device destroys Emerson from the inside as Clarke runs for the button and opens the airlock doors allowing air back in. There’s a brief moment when Clarke and everyone along with her is holding their breaths, waiting, waiting for any sign of life. . . and breathing again when all of their chests begin to move as the air fiils their lungs, as Clarke looks over at them one at a time to make sure everyone’s here and everyone’s okay.

K - That scene, guys. Talk about intense. Also, now we have seen how exactly the second A.I kills anyone who isn't a Nightblood.

M - Outside the gates of Arkadia the others wait as Bellamy walks out carrying a wrapped up body. At first I thought it was Sinclair and then it hit me, it’s Lincoln. Bellamy places him on the ground as Octavia kneels over him. She reaches for the cloth covering him. She hesitates and then removes the cloth to see his face, and for the first time she allows herself to really grieve and mourn, to fall apart in front of the others, before kissing him a final good-bye.

K - In all honesty a part of me is still in denial over Lincoln's death. . . It's hard to believe that this is it. It's time for us to say good-bye to him as Octavia does, and it breaks my heart all over again.

[ image has been removed ]

M - They lay the body of Lincoln and Sinclair together upon a wood stack. Raven says to Sinclair, “May we meet again,” and as Octavia lights the flame under it she says to Lincoln, “Yu gonplei ste odon,” (Your fight is over). All the others surrounded around the fire also say goodbye, “Yu gonplei ste odon." But it’s what happens a moment later that is one of the most important moments and scenes this season. Bellamy whispers, “Yu gonplei ste odon.” He spoke it for Lincoln. No words can describe or explain how important this was but anyone who watches this show understands why it is. Octavia not being able to bear any more says, “It’s time to go. I’ll get the map,” and walks off as the others stare into the burning blaze.

K - I completely agree that Bellamy speaking Grounder for Lincoln is a huge deal. For me, it truly represented who Lincoln was to the show. He has always represented hope. Bellamy saying those last words to him shows this.

M - Everyone’s packing up when Raven tells them her and Monty are not going with them. She’s still healing from her injures but Monty tells them, “She remembered that A.L.I.E downloaded herself into the Ark mainframe. If the code is still there, we might be able to find a back door." "I'm guessing once you connect A.L.I.E 2 to Luna, we'll need to access A.L.I.E 1 to take her down," Raven points out.

Bellamy calls to Miller who says, understanding, "We'll keep them safe,” implying him and Bryan, and Harper adds, "I'll keep them safe." Everyone says their quick good-byes before they leave.

M - At Polis, in the throne room Emori enters and kneels before the throne. On either side stands Jaha and Ontari. And sitting on the throne is A.L.I.E. “The gates to Polis are open.” I loved the symbolism in that scene. A.L.I.E now rules over all of them. She sits on the throne!

K - Well, I guess this is what the next phase is in A.L.I.E's plan. . . "It's time to fill the City of Light."

M - Another powerful episode of The 100! Next week we will be seeing flashbacks to the Ark, before the 100 was sent to the ground when everyone was young, pain free, and happy. Just from the promo we can already see how much they’ve changed and grown since then. I can’t wait to see more of the story.

K - I'm so excited for the next episode! I don't know what this show is trying to do to me though because my heart can't stop from breaking episode after episode. . .

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