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It's been awhile since I've done a proper 'Book Spotlight' and I'm excited to share today's book! I've been in a weird reading mood lately.. YA contemporaries seem to be my main interest, there's always something special about reading a good coming-of-age story.

Alterations by Stephanie Scott was the perfect weekend read!
This book is full of everything we love about contemporaries; young love, self-discovery, family, and a little drama. Our main character, Amelia, comes full circle as she goes on a journey to discover who and what she truly wants in her life.. And I loved every minute of reading her story!


Life has been a bit busy for us lately.
When I go back and think of the past month it seems as if we haven't been doing much, but somehow we have managed to stay extremely busy. . . Life with three little ones manages to do that I suppose.
After a rough few months, I've finally reached the end of the tunnel and feel more like myself as the days continue to pass. I know everyone always says it takes time to move on from pain and heartbreak, and at the time it always feels as if that person just doesn't understand.. But the truth is that it does take time. You just have to take it one day at a time and try your hardest to discover the love for the new you. Now that all the pain and anger have passed, I feel nothing but grateful for these last few months. I'm thankful that I can take all that my father's passing taught me and be a better version of who I was before, which brings me back to where we are in our lives now.
I've allowed myself to simplify a bit.