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This episode was heartbreaking for me..
There was a lot that happened as The 100 returned this past week. Maddi and I are excited to be sharing our thoughts about each episode throughout this entire season with you. You can read our recap of "Terms and Conditions" here.
Now - let's talk about that brutal episode!

Stealing Fire Synopsis:

"Clarke discovers a shocking truth, and Octavia is forced to make a decision that could have devastating consequences. Meanwhile, Kane and Abby share a moment."

Maddi - After an agonizing two-week break The 100 finally returns, opening with us back at Polis, after the death of Lexa. The Conclave is starting. Clarke and Murphy are still locked in the room in which Lexa lost her life. Clarke wants to escape from the room, the room where the person she cared about died. She runs for the door and tries to get it open, pulling and pulling it with all her strength but it won't open. She can't leave; leave from the pain and the grief as it becomes unbearable.

Kristy - Clarke is not only upset about Lexa's death. She's angry. She's mad at Titus and I'm sure she's scared for what Lexa's death could mean for her people. She knows that Aden will protect her people, but she doesn't know if the spirit of the Commander will choose him. There are so many emotions she's dealing with, and they're written all over her face.

M - Murphy, one of the only few people who knew of their feelings for each other, tries to comfort her but Clarke retreats into herself, putting her walls back up as she says it's not about her. They need to make sure Aden wins, that he becomes the next Heda. Clarke once again trying to interfere but I know it's from the goodness of her heart, and for her people. However this is a part of their culture, their tradition, I don't think she can interfere with it.

M - The door to the room finally opens, as Titus enters, Murphy asking him if he's come here to finish the job, referring to the fact that he tried to murder Clarke. Instead he's come to fulfill his vow to Lexa, as he leaves the door open for them to leave. Clarke denies his request, "You killed your Commander, how are you still free?" I'm wondering the same thing Clarke. He attempted to murder someone. I'm surprised the Grounders are not after him for killing their Heda. Do they know what happened? What have they been told? Then again, she died of a bullet wound and we all know who uses guns and what can be assumed from this.

K - I remember Maddi saying something about Titus being able to place the blame of Lexa's death on Clarke and Murphy. It wouldn't surprise me if he did, but what he tells them as to why he is free makes sense. Again, this brings me back to how I truly believe that Titus loved and respected Lexa. He's here trying to keep his vow to her by allowing Clarke and Murphy to escape.

M - Titus simply replies with "I'm the only Flamekeeper," and now it makes sense as to why he still has his freedom after what he did, as he begs Clarke to leave. Clarke refuses to leave without first seeing Aden. Titus takes them to see him, as they enter the room Murphy points out, "They're just kids." One of which will be the next Commander. The body of Lexa lies in the middle of the room, the Nightbloods saying their goodbyes to their former Commander. Aden asks Clarke if she would like a moment with her. Turning down the offer, as she struggles to deal with losing another person close to her.

Clarke asks Aden if he will still honor his promise he made to protect the Sky People. Aden tells her that they all will. That Lexa made all of them vow it, as the Nightbleeders stand and bow their heads to Clarke. In that moment it showed just how deep Lexa's care for Clarke ran.

K - Cue the tears all over again!! We all knew how much Lexa cared for Clarke, but after what happened at Mount Weather I don't think everyone seemed to trust her. It looks like she meant every word to Clarke when she knelt before her.. Even after the Sky People rejected becoming the 13th Clan.

M - There's a ruckus outside the doors as Roan marches in, followed by Ontari. Ontari lays her eyes on Clarke and goes straight for her, as Aden tries to intervene and is easily launched out the way (I should have seen that as a sign as to what was to come). Titus stops Ontari from stabbing Clarke, and Roan orders her to stand down, as she unhappily obeys his command, "No matter. When I am Heda and the King bows to me. You and every last member of SkaiKru will die."

I knew we would be seeing Ontari again, otherwise why would they introduce her as a Nightblood. And it seems Roan wants Ontari to be Commander too, but the question is why? He's King, everything between the Clans was fine, why would he want her on the throne. We can already see just how dangerous she will be if she takes command.

K - If Ontari became Heda it would be disastrous. She was loyal the the Ice Nation Queen and there is no doubt that she wants revenge for her death. I can already tell that she will be trouble.

[ image has been removed ]

M - Back at Arkadia in lock-up Lincoln reassures his people, encouraging them to stay strong, as Kane tells him that he inspires them. Indeed he does but so do you Kane. To ruin their moment Pike shows up, along with Bellamy. Pike says everyone in lock-up is guilty of the same crimes as Kane and that they will share the same fate. In other words, he's going to kill all of them. How can fellow members of SkaiKru stand with him and stand for this. Here we are thinking he can't possibly do anything worse than what has already been done, but he continues to shock us by out doing himself and doing more horrendous things than before.

K - I loved that moment between Kane and Lincoln. I think it shows how Lincoln has brought hope to everyone inside of Arkadia, not just the Grounders. Of course Pike had to ruin the moment though..

M - Lincoln makes the decision not to tell his people that they've been sentence to death because not only can they not understand what is being said, but he offers himself in return for their lives. Asking them not to punish his people for his crimes. Bellamy chimes in agreeing with Lincoln, that they are innocent in the events that transpired. Bellamy tries desperately to point out the reasoning in Pike changing his judgement in hopes that he will. Bellamy is trying to save them along with Lincoln, as Lincoln selflessly exchanges his life for theirs.

K - Was Bellamy trying not only to help Lincoln, but show him that he's now on their side? Personally, I saw him trying to translate that to Lincoln through his eyes.. but I don't think Lincoln saw this because he's still so angry at Bellamy.

M - Bellamy says that all they did was run through an open door and that they would have done the same thing if they were in their position. Thankfully, Pike actually understands this and spares the lives of those innocent. Unfortunately we all know what that means, as Pike sentences Kane, Sinclair, and Lincoln to death.

This moment shattered my heart. Fans knew that Ricky Whittle (Lincoln) was leaving the show to pursue another one, but I hoped that Lincoln would not be killed off. I refused to believe that this would happen, that this was the outcome. But in this exact moment I knew, I think we all did, that he would not make it out alive. It broke my heart to know that we would lose yet another amazing character, who's been here since the beginning, and who's one half of one of the most incredible and loved relationships on the show. And having to watch and wait for that moment to arrive, knowing that it was coming, was just as unbearable as watching him die.

K - I completely agree about this moment breaking every fan's heart. It was a brutal truth to how harsh this world is that these characters live in.. Anyone can die at any time.

M - Pike and his guards leave and Bellamy is left behind, standing in front of a caged Lincoln as they look at each other before he walks away. It's only later that I realize that this would be their last moment together. That they would not see each other again before Lincoln died. That they were brothers and Lincoln died thinking Bellamy didn't care about him, he died before they could reconcile, he died without knowing his brother tried to save him.

K - That truth is going to destroy Bellamy.

[ image has been removed ]

M - Miller and Harper are having a meeting when there's a knock on the door. It's Bellamy. He tries to signal something to Miller as him and Monty enter the room. They go to speak but Bellamy stops them, telling them to be quiet as he pulls a knife. They go on the defense, but he approaches showing he means no harm. He grabs for Miller's jacket. We all know that this is going to reveal the bug that has been placed on him. Placed on him by the man he loves. That in this one single moment it could forever change their relationship.

Bellamy removes the bug and Monty secures it so that it is safe to talk, and Miller immediately asks who placed it there. Miller clearly knew who did it. A part of him didn't want to hear the answer. He wasn't ready to hear it. He knows it could change it all. Bellamy says that it's not important but you can see that it is to Miller.

K - That moment was intense! Poor Miller.. The hurt was strong within him when we all saw him realizing just who exactly put that bug in his jacket.

M - Bellamy tells them Pike just sentenced Lincoln and Sinclair to death alongside Kane. Miller and Harper are skeptical as to why they're here but Monty says they're here to help, and that they're sure they have a plan to save them, and they want to help. Miller and Harper play dumb as if they don't know what they're talking about. Bellamy says they can help from the inside, but to pull it off they need people to hand them over to on the outside. Miller and Harper continue to pretend they know nothing, and Bellamy gives up in trying to talk to them but tells them to tell Octavia that if she wants to save Lincoln she needs to meet him at the drop ship.

K - We can't really blame Harper and Miller for not trusting them can we? I sure don't. The moment Harper asks Monty, "Does your mom know you're here Monty?" was a slap in the face for him.

M - Octavia arrives at the drop ship. It's dark but ahead of her stands her brother. Octavia does not look happy. Bellamy says he's glad she came but Octavia's busy checking that he's alone. Not trusting her own brother as he says he's here to help. Octavia goes in for what looks like a hug, but then stabs him with a needle and knocks him out cold. What is she doing? Was it just done as a precaution? It's hard to watch as their relationship continues to suffer.

K - The Blakes are breaking my heart this season! That was rough to watch.. This world and their choices have put them on separate sides, and it's hard to see that when we know how much they truly love each other.

M - We flip back to Polis where Titus seems to be praying to the chip, the A.I. Clarke and Murphy enter into the room in which he was held, the room with the drawings. My first thought was is Clarke going to notice the pod in the room, which is clearly not Grounders made. But she doesn't. She's in a city of Grounders with their way of life but there's a man made ship right in front of her. It was like spot the thing that shouldn't be there. It's not something you would overlook. Which also made me question the fact that Murphy and Clarke were trapped for a whole day in that room and he didn't tell her of Polaris or of what he found out. I'm surprised Clarke didn't question it after they found out about the A.I. that had been in Lexa.

K - Wow, I didn't even realize any of that while watching the episode! How could Clarke not be suspicious of a POD being in Polis? It doesn't make sense.. It was very obvious what it was and yet she didn't even question why it was there. Clarke might not have a clear head, but she's never been self-centered so I don't understand why there was no real conversation between her and Murphy. He could've told her how they needed to get out of there because of what he found out about Polaris. He could've explained everything but that never happened. There were definitely some holes in this plot during the episode..

M - Clarke questions Titus as to why he would let Ontari into the Conclave. I was wondering the same thing Clarke, why? It turns out it's their birthright to compete if they have the blood of the Commanders, in other words if they have the black blood. Clarke sees the chip and painfully asks if Lexa is really in there and Titus says of course she is. It's like Clarke still has a part of her. Titus stores the chip in the pod. Murphy doesn't understand why it matters who gets the A.I. Titus says it's because, "The flame deepens what's already there." So if you're full of strength, courage, and light the A.I. only deepens that and makes it stronger, so what will happen if you're full of hate and darkness?

K - Well that makes sense as to why Lexa was so strong and brave. She was already all of those great things and being Heda only made her become more. It's very intriguing to learn more about this second A.I. chip that Becca made.

M - Clarke wants to make sure Aden wins and asks Titus how, but he believes the Commanders' spirit will choose him if he is meant to be the next Heda. When suddenly horns begin to sound and Titus says it's the victory horn. Confusing us all. I figured the Conclave would take time. They enter into the throne room beside an agitated crowd, and on the throne sits Ontari. Titus questions the meaning of this and Ontari holds up the severed head of Aden. Signifying that if their best fighter is dead, then all the other Nightbloods are too. Immediately we all know something's wrong. The way the Grounders responded.. what happened?

K - I can't believe Ontari killed all of the Nightblood children.. There is no question as to how deep her darkness runs through her.

M - Now SkaiKru are in even more danger as the Ice Nation takes control of everything. I thought their original threat had vanished too easily. I knew it was still there even after the Queen was killed and Roan became King. But it came out of nowhere. I also loved the symbolism of the scene. How the room was completely dark as she sat on the throne, just like the darkness she will bring.


M - Bellamy wakes up in a cave to Octavia and Indra standing over him. Bellamy offers his help, knowing Pike will be expecting Octavia. Octavia blames her brother, "You're the reason they need saving." "Maybe.. But that doesn't change the fact that you need me." He's right they do need him, he can get close because no one will suspect him, they need him or they might not succeed. "For the first time in my life that's not true." The pain in Bellamy's eyes was hard to look at as he shakes his head slightly as if he's trying to say no. No to the fact that he doesn't want his sister leaving to do this thing alone, he knows the danger that's out there, and he wants to be there to protect his sister. No to the fact that he's realized that he's losing his sister. And most of all, no to the fact that his sister doesn't need him.

This is the guy who's world revolves around his sister, the guy who always risks his life for his sister, the guy who snuck onto the drop ship when the kids were sent to Earth so he could be there to look after his sister, so she wouldn't be alone. He's always been there for her and for her to say that she doesn't need him would have been like a dagger to the heart.

K - It's hard watching the Blakes fall apart. They've always been so strong together and it's tough seeing how this war, this life, has changed everyone from the people we first met. I love Bellamy and see his pain, and I understand it. I also love Octavia and I see her pain, too. I see how she feels betrayed by the one person she thought would never hurt her. I understand why she can't trust him. I don't like it.. but I understand how they both feel, and it's breaking my heart.

M - When he shook his head, it was as if he was trying to make himself not to believe it, refusing to accept it, and at the same time trying to summon the courage to fight the pain, trying not to break as Octavia leaves and he's left calling for her.

M - Bryan returns to see Miller in their room after receiving a message from him. Miller says he has a confession to make as he braces himself and admits he's a spy, and that he's been passing information. Bryan immediately goes into action to shut Miller up and at the same time sealing his fate. He goes for the bug but it's not there as Miller says he found it, as realization hits Bryan at the same time as Miller gets the answer to the question he feared to ask.

Miller asks Bryan why he's afraid of what he might say. Bryan says it's because they execute traitors now, and Miller asks does he have a problem with that. He questions is it because of Pike, because he saved his life and he thinks he owes him. Bryan may believe he owes Pike but it doesn't mean you need to ignore your morals and do things you know to be wrong, just because you think you need to do them in return for what someone did for you.

Bryan confesses his love for Miller, trying to show Miller what the most important thing to him is, and that it's him. Miller can't accept it as he says that Bryan can't have both, almost as if he's giving him a choice. He can either have his debt to Pike or him, but in the end it's his choice as Miller walks away. They are really starting to leave a mark on the show, especially Miller. I really hope we get to see more of them, their characters, and relationship.

K - I completely agree! I am really enjoying getting to know Miller more this season, and seeing more of his relationship with Bryan. I thought their whole conversation about Bryan feeling like he has a debt to pay with Pike was interesting.. Is that how most of the people from the farm station feel? It would explain why they are so loyal to him. I feel as if there is more to what happened after they landed on Earth to the time they came to Arkadia.


M - The guards escort a shackled Kane into a room and Abby is waiting for him, and we all know that they're here to say goodbye, in a way. The first thing Kane does is ask Abby if she's alright. Even facing death Kane is only worried and concerned for her. Abby refuses to stand by and let this happen to Kane. Kane asks her to listen, that anyone caught helping will be sentenced to death, and begs her not to do anything, that their people need someone here to show them a way out of the dark. Abby then shatters all of our hearts when she says to him that she can't do this again. We all know she means watching the man she loves die, not again. He tells her not to make this harder than it already is as he backs away and leaves the room. It's hurting him how much he's hurting her by putting her through this.

M - At Polis Roan is escorting Clarke and Murphy. Clarke reveals to us that Ontari killed the children in their sleep. When she said this it was like a giant punch to the face. We knew something had happened and we knew at some point some would die, but killing the children in their sleep.. There are no words.

Only one Nightblood can be Heda, but don't they have some rules or something so things like this don't happen? So that it's a fair fight? How can the Grounders stand for this, even if she is now their Heda, you can't allow this. If Ontari can do this, there's no saying what she may be capable of. . .

K - Of course Ontari would attack the Nightblood children while they slept. I'm a little shocked by the Grounders' reactions to their deaths also. They seem a bit intimidated by Ontari and I don't blame them.. We have to remember that most of the Grounders wanted revenge on the Sky People after everything that happened, so I feel like they think Ontari will bring that for them, so who are they to question how she became their Heda?

M - I'm curious about Roan and his involvement in this. He's the one who brought Ontari to the Conclave. He must support her in being Heda but if he doesn't, then why let her? His reasoning is because she's Ice Nation, his people. He's doing what he believes is best for his people, like everyone does. It's like a giant free for all. Everyone's trying to do what they think is best for their people, which can lead to a dangerous path. Roan shows Clarke and Murphy a tunnel that will get them out of Polis. But once again Clarke won't leave. I'm beginning to wonder if she will ever go back to her people, to the place she belongs.

K - I'm very curious about Roan's true intentions.. still. I've been questioning him since the very beginning. I guess his character is so intriguing for me that I want to believe that he isn't some evil person. I want to believe he's going to eventually help Clarke and the Sky People. If there is one thing I learned from watching this show though, is that I should not trust people so easily.. Roan only helped Clarke and Murphy because he wanted to pay his debt to Lexa, since she spared his life during their duel. But yes, of course Clarke refuses to leave. . . When will she go home?

M - Clarke refuses to leave without the A.I., the one thing most important to the Grounders and the Commander. I think a part of the reason Clarke wants the flame is because it's also a part of Lexa, maybe the only part that's left. But you also probably don't want Ontari having it. But if Clarke gets the A.I. what is she going to do with it? If she takes it back to Arkadia, A.L.I.E could find it and we probably don't want that either. What's the point in taking the flame if you can't destroy it and she can't hide it, she can't run from Ontari forever?.. Which we find out the answers to later.

M - In lock-up Kane is looking at his Grounder mark, remember how close they were to succeeding, as Lincoln tells him it could have worked. Kane says death can be an act of unity too. He tells them you don't break, you don't show fear, the people will remember, as the guards come to collect them.

On their march to their deaths, you can see that the others are up to something. You can see it on Bryan's face and as Harper walks by Kane. Monty is monitoring the radios as Harper calls it in and Hannah figures out that Octavia is here and she's not alone. They don't know where they are so Bryan suggests they stay put until they make sure the route is secure. Pike agrees and locks the prisoners in one of the nearby rooms, with two guards outside the door.. one being Bryan.

K - Talk about an intense scene! I got goosebumps while watching that. My heart was slowly breaking because I just saw this whole plan ending badly..

M - Bellamy is still trapped as he begs Indra to let him go. They know Pike will expect them so they're using Pike against himself. Let's hope the plan doesn't fail like the last one. I can't help but wonder why Pike isn't questioning where Bellamy is? He's his right hand man, he gives the order when Pike isn't there, but Pike hasn't questioned the fact that he's not there, especially for an important moment like this one?

[ image has been removed ]

M - Clarke and Murphy go back to the room to steal the flame. Clarke points out he keeps it in the pod.. So she did notice it, isn't she curious as to where the pod came from, Grounders never had that technology..

Clarke takes her time grabbing the A.I. when Titus appears saying, "You killed her," and we all know this is not good. That he's lost it from grief and regret, he pulled the trigger but he blames Clarke. Clarke tries to reason with him, telling him he can't allow Ontari to do this but he believes Lexa's spirit chose Ontari, even after what she did. But Ontari is the last Nightbleeder and Clarke points out what everyone else is thinking, put it in someone else. But like I thought, you can't. If you place the A.I. in someone without black blood they die. Until Clarke remembers that Lexa's tattoo had 7 circles representing the Nightbloods she killed, but Lexa told her there were 8.. I knew that story and what happened would be important later on.

Clarke asks what happened to number 8 and it turns out there's another Nightbleeder. Apparently she fled and Lexa refused to let Titus hunt her down, and he believes she's unworthy of the flame. Clarke asks him if she's more unworthy than Ontari right before she walks in the room, ready for the ritual.

Titus decides against Ontari and uses an excuse to get her out of the room. After she leaves Clarke reappears. Titus says that even Luna would be better than Ontari. That name we've heard before, from Lincoln.. My first thought went to that women in lock-up with Lincoln, the one he comforted saying she was strong and a warrior before being taken away. I don't know why.

Titus does a small ritual then hands Clarke the flame.. I knew immediately he had just made her the Flamekeeper. Which I thought was the perfect fit. It's like Clarke is now the protector of Lexa's spirit. It just makes sense.

K - I love seeing Titus and Clarke's relationship. They don't really like each other, and they don't really trust each other either, and yet they seem to have this sort of respect for one another. I'm kind of happy that Clarke is now the Flamekeeper. It was a powerful moment between her and Titus once he told her, "Your duty is to the flame now." I hope that she's able to find Luna and this plan of hers works. . .

[ image has been removed ]

M - Pike and his men search the camp but have yet to find anyone. Pike knows something's not right and radios in but no one guarding the prisoners answer, and they race back to find them gone. It turns out they're hiding in the room under the floor, the same place Octavia spent most of her life growing up, as the guards leave in search for them they sneak out as Miller and Abby arrive to help.

K - How ironic isn't it? Octavia tells Kane, "Try doing it for sixteen years." Again we see just how much these characters have changed since their lives on the Ark. I hope this plan of theirs works out.. It seems that Bryan decided to be on Miller's side after all, as it shows that he's helping them too. This is the side that you want to be on, look at them!

M - The passageway is blocked with guards and they're trapped. Monty decides to help them and uses the radio to say they're headed for the main gate, to distract the guards. Which confirms to the others he's on their side but Hannah is furious with Monty, but we all know that she won't turn him in, and she covers for Monty saying it was a false report. But now Monty's in trouble, it's not hard to figure out that he gave the command and it was wrong, they'll know he lied to help them.

Pike decides to try to bring them to him and it was obvious he was going to lure them in by threatening the lives of those still imprisoned. I was thinking this the whole time, what did they think would happen. You think you can save the ones up for execution and you don't think he's going to retaliate and take it out on the others. If you do this they'll become the ones who are in danger.

[ image has been removed ]

M - As they all escape through the secret passage, Abby won't leave with Kane, she says they need someone to show them the way out of the dark. At that Kane kisses Abby, afterwards saying the famous, "May we meet again," and she promises that they will. Who doesn't love Kabby!

K - Yay, Kabby! I love that Abby recited Kane's words back to him, and it shows how strong she is for staying. If she didn't stay the ones left wouldn't have anyone left.. And think about all the people still at Arkadia; Raven, Jasper, Monty, and all the other delinquents. I think she made the right choice in staying, even if I did want her to go with them.

M - Pike does exactly what I said he would, he tells them to turn themselves in or he'll execute the Grounder prisoners, and we all know Lincoln will not allow this. Lincoln refuses to let them die because of him. He won't escape with them and Octavia refuses to let him do this alone. Lincoln tells Octavia he loves her and kisses her a final goodbye before drugging her. It was the only way to stop her, he was saving her too. He lets go of her hand, for what may be the final time he may ever hold it, as he leaves to turn himself in.

M - Back at Polis, Murphy and Ontari share a small moment.. and you can see where this is going.. Though I am curious to see where this leads. Roan comes marching in dragging along Titus. Roan tells Ontari that Titus claims he lost the flame. Roan goes after Murphy demanding to know where Clarke is. He says he knows that she stole it, but Titus chimes in that she didn't steal it he gave it to her.

Roan figures out that Clarke must be taking it somewhere, that their mission is to pass the flame and questions Titus about who Clarke is taking it to, putting a knife to his throat. Murphy points out that they can't kill him, he's the only one who can do the ritual. Titus says that Ontari will never ascend and Ontari orders Roan to kill him but Roan's smarter than that, they need Titus. Then suddenly Titus does something no one saw coming, with Roan still holding the knife near to him, Titus slices his own throat.

K - Titus's last words were, "For Lexa." Wow, I did not see that coming at all! I kind of had a feeling that he was going to die since he decided to pass the flame to Clarke, but I didn't know he was going to die that way.. It was a bit sad yet powerful because he did it to protect Lexa's legacy and what she wanted for both the Grounders and the Sky People, and he knew that she would not want Ontari as the next Heda.

M - Afterwards Ontari orders Roan to announce her ascension but he points out that she doesn't have the flame. Ontari says that no one knows that until Roan points out Murphy's still in the room. This is not a good situation for Murphy to be in. Ontari orders Roan to announce her as the new Heda and to go after Clarke and kill her. You can see his hesitation, but in the end he does it.

As Clarke rides away, the horns sound, announcing that a new Commander has risen.

K - At hearing the sound Indra immediately leaves Bellamy. So did she not know that Lexa was dead? Do the Grounders at the blockade not know? I'm so curious as to what the Sky People, especially the delinquents, will feel as to hearing about Lexa's death. They have to know that she was the only reason as to why the Grounders haven't declared war on them yet. . .


M - Miller, Bryan, and Sinclair are outside the camp, safe. Octavia is with them as she wakens and tries to crawl back to camp but stops when she see Lincoln in camp, surrounded by guards. She watches as he drops to his knees as Pike asks if he has any last words. Lincoln says not for you, as he looks to the sky and says, "May we meet again," as Pike aims his gun and pulls the trigger, as we say goodbye forever to Lincoln kom Trikru.

K - I'm going to cry all over again. It's always hard to say goodbye to a character that is so loved, it seems like we've had to do that a lot this season.. but that is this world that these characters live in. It's a brutal truth. I just want to say thank you to Ricky Whittle for bringing life to Lincoln as a character. Lincoln has always symbolized hope in the world of The 100, and in a way our own world, and I don't think that will ever change. Since the day he saved Octavia, it's always been his hopeful spirit that has made us love him, and made us believe in more for these characters. He once told Octavia that he lives for the day that there isn't an 'us' and a 'them' and I hope Octavia remembers that.

M - Sadly no one could save Lincoln this time because he was the one doing the saving. I don't think I'll ever get over it. What a painful week it has been. I wonder what next week will bring. . .

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