Our town's fall festival was this past weekend.
We've gone every year since the kids were born.
It always becomes more fun as the kids grow older, they are able to enjoy more of the festival as the years go by. I always feel myself reflecting on our life when it comes to our family traditions, and this year wasn't any different. It's kind of crazy to think about how much we have grown as a family from only a year ago. I see how all 3 of my children are growing to become better than both me and my boyfriend. I've noticed how much my boyfriend and I have grown up together, since first being together in high school. I feel how much I've grown as an individual, and have become more of who I really am. All our hard times, all the trials we have gone through have made us better people.. and I am just grateful.

Here is to many more family traditions this holiday season.



It's my favorite time of the year - fall is finally here!
The time when I can wear hoodies and boots out in public without people thinking I've gone mad.
We can finally go to fall festivals, pumpkin patches, and spend our weekends outside.
I can curl up under a blanket and read forever.

But -
In between raising a family and reading books, it's finally time for all my favorite TV shows and characters to come back into my life! I should probably rephrase that though - my favorite TV show is The 100, and The CW thought we would all be okay if the new season didn't come back until the spring.. and they were wrong. There are many other shows that will satisfy me in it's absence though!

I watch a lot of TV - I have to admit that I don't watch a lot of shows live because I'm busy, but I have Hulu, Netflix, and On Demand where I can easily catch up so it's easy to fall in love with many shows. I want to tell you about the top shows that I'm personally looking forward to this fall season - none of these shows are brand new but they are worth a try if you haven't seen them, and are looking for a new show to watch!

- - -

How to Get Away with Murder

IMDb Summary // A group of ambitious law students and their brilliant criminal defense professor become involved in a twisted murder plot that promises to change the course of their lives.

I just finished binge watching the first season, thanks to Netlifx, and instantly fell in love with this show! HTGAWM is brought to us from the brilliant mind of Shonda Rhimes, and you immediately feel her presence in this show - from the writing to the drama. It's so good, I can't say that enough - the writing is excellent, the acting is fantastic, and the plot is amazing! It's suspenseful and thrilling, you never see what is coming next - keeping us on our toes in every episode. This cast has great chemistry together, which is a plus, because the writing sends these characters on a crazy ride!

If you love - suspense | thrillers | drama - you'll love this.

The Flash

IMDb Summary // Barry Allen wakes up 9 months after he was struck by lightning and discovers that the bolt gave him the power of super speed. With his new team and powers, Barry becomes "The Flash" and fights crime in Central City.

Now most of you know that my love for Barry Allen is real, so it should be no surprise that The Flash is on this list. When I began watching this show - I wasn't a big Flash fan, and didn't read many of the comics. All of that changed once I started getting into this show - it is the best superhero show on network television right now, in my opinion. You instantly see how much passion is made in this show - it constantly keeps us on our toes, and introduces so much into the show that comic book lovers can appreciate.

If you love - superheroes | action | drama - you'll love this.

The Mindy Project

IMDb Summary // A young Ob/Gyn balances her personal and professional life, surrounded by quirky co-workers in a small office.

I love Mindy Kaling - she is hilarious and brilliant - and she shines in The Mindy Project. This show is only streaming on Hulu since getting cancelled by FOX, but thanks for picking it up Hulu! The Mindy Project is literally one long romantic comedy movie. We see Mindy's character fall in and out of love, be a successful working woman, deal with co-workers, and all of the craziness that happens in between all of that. The writing is fantastic in this show - they do a great job at showing love to some of our favorite rom coms from the past, and I love it.

If you love - comedy | romantic comedy | romance - you'll love this.


IMDb Summary // A father, who runs a successful music business, is diagnosed with a neurodegenerative disease and has to choose one of his three sons to take over when he dies.

I feel like I probably don't have to tell a lot of people to watch this show because it has such high ratings - but I'm still going to! It took me a long time to watch Empire - I finally binge watched it on Hulu this summer, and loved it! It's so much more than what it looks like through trailers and pictures. The writing, acting, characters, music, plot, all of it are so strong - it has yet to disappoint me. This is a family drama above all else, and the foundation of this show is love.

If you love - drama | family drama | music - you'll love this.

Jane the Virgin

IMDb Summary // A young, devout woman discovers that she was accidentally artificially inseminated.

This show is critically acclaimed - Gina Rodriguez even won a Golden Globe for her performance in JTV - and yet I feel like so many people are still not watching it. The name, the trailer, and the summary does not do this show justice. Jane the Virgin is about a lot more than a woman getting accidentally artificially inseminated. It's hilarious, dramatic, and just fun with elements of a telenovela! There is a lot of family drama, falling in and out of love, murder (yes, murder), laughs, and craziness.

If you love - comedy | drama | romance | suspense | telenovelas - you'll love this.

- - -

If you haven't seen any of these - I know you can binge watch Empire and The Mindy Project on Hulu, and HTGAWM is on Netflix. As for The Flash and Jane the Virgin - they aren't streaming anywhere that I know of, but hopefully they will be on Netflix in the future because most CW shows are on there!

Do you watch any of these shows? If you do - follow me on Twitter because I love to tweet about all the shows I watch! I'll be live tweeting HTGAWM and The Flash this season, so come tweet with me!



This Moment is a weekly ritual of a single photo - no words - capturing a special moment from the week. These photos represent a moment that is dear to my heart, whether it be of someone or something I love.



Simply Nicollette reviews - books, movies, television shows, etc. with slight spoilers. I try my best to review without giving away too much of the story.

I have been wanting to share this book with all of you for awhile now, but life happened. I've been busy with kid's homework, baths, and early bed times. But - we are here now and I'm so excited to share some inspirational goodness with you!

Jessica, who writes her own blog 'Pig & Dac' wrote a book!
I've been following Jessica and her blog for a couple of years now. She was one of the first bloggers I ever found when I became a blogger myself. I instantly felt connected to her as I fell in love with her blog and writing. All of her posts are extremely inspirational, and helpful in many ways - whether she is writing about being a mom, growing older, or being a writer - all of it helps me. So, I was excited when I heard she was coming out with her very own book!

I loved it.
And - I do enjoy sharing all the things I love with you.. So, today I will be sharing all about Jessica's book - Anything Can Be: A Reference Guide for Applying the Law of Attraction, Overcoming Common Blocks, and Staying in Alignment to Create the Life of Your Dreams.

Anything Can Be - Book Review

"So I gently began focusing my attention onto a reality that I wished to experience - one with more abundance and joy."

Amazon Summary // Anything Can Be is a condensed, no filler reference guide for applying the Law of Attraction every day in order to create the life of your dreams. In this guide you will learn the six most important steps for manifesting your goals and desires, as well as how to overcome the most commonly experienced emotional blocks that hold you back from everything you want.

Putting the Law of Attraction into action requires daily intention, awareness of our thoughts, as well as remaining conscious of who we are and what we truly want in life. There isn't anything you can't be, do, or have that you truly desire. Anything Can Be and the Dream Worksheet Bundle are your tools to begin effectively putting the Law or Attraction into practice and manifesting the life you've always wanted to live.

This book came into my life at the exact moment I needed it to. I was feeling completely lost and alone. My oldest children were off to school, and I was left alone during the day with my son and a little bit more time on my hands than before. It was nice at first - but then I started to wonder what I would do when all 3 of my children were off at school during the day? I wasn't sure who I was besides a mother, and I had a sense of what my dreams were.. but I wasn't sure what exactly I wanted to do with my life outside of my children. I was lost and afraid to chase anything, and Jessica's book helped me overcome a lot of my issues within myself.

She immediately pulled me into the book, right from her introduction.
She made me feel less alone and more hopeful that there was actually a solution to my feelings.

You feel inspired as soon as you read the first quote and it only continues throughout the book.

Anything Can Be is not only relatable - it is personal. You can feel that everything written in this book is coming from someone who has felt the same way you are feeling at that very moment. It's not coming from a doctor listening to your problems - it's coming from a person who has done the things she is writing in her own book, and sharing how it has actually helped her in her own life. It's the perfect balance of real stories, inspiration, and actual facts - you are never left feeling overwhelmed in your own thoughts.

These are good ideas to help anyone, no matter how different you/your circumstances are.
Anyone can read this and feel inspired.

Included with the book, there is a worksheet bundle - which I love!
They are extremely helpful. Jessica does a perfect job at listing steps and follow up information to help you within her chapters, in order to help you succeed. They are easy to download and print off - I also kept a journal handy as I read, and it worked out well for me that way.

Worksheet Bundle
Amazon Summary // Additionally, there are nine worksheets that supplement the information in the guide so that you can begin putting the principles into action. Included in the Dream Worksheet Bundle are the following printable worksheets:

Daily Alignment Worksheet
Nightly Re-Centering Worksheet
Create a New Dream
Visualization Guide
Getting Clear
Discovering Self-Limiting Beliefs
Weekly/Monthly Check-in
Hit the Reset Button
Just Breathe

- - -

Anything Can Be truly helped improve my life.
I hope you believe me when I write that, because it's true. One of the things that really helped me from Jessica's book was the part where she talked about letting go. It has always been hard for me to let things go, and it's hard for me to forgive myself - the one who has hurt me the most. With Jessica's help I am slowly taking the steps to forgive myself and others around me. Anything Can Be has opened up my heart to new things/ways to continue living my life as happily as I can.
I am truly grateful for that.


5 out of 5 stars

Even if you feel like you don't need much inspiration in your life - things are going well - Anything Can Be can help you stay on track in order to continue with your happy life!

Where to find it?
Book Here || Jessica Here

It's a steal to get Anything Can Be at this price, and don't forget it comes with NINE worksheets!
Here's to inspiration and reaching our goals in life.



This Moment is a weekly ritual of a single photo - no words - capturing a special moment from the week. These photos represent a moment that is dear to my heart, whether it be of someone or something I love.



One of my favorite things to do is browse Etsy.
It's ridiculous how I could go from looking at Harry Potter jewelry, to blog designs, to pretty prints. There are so many talented people in this world - and I'm lucky to know one of those talented people on Etsy!

My friend, Heidi, owns her own shop on Etsy - Glitter & Grace.
Heidi, like most people on Etsy, is just the sweetest person ever - I'm happy to share her shop with you today!

I absolutely love the prints I received - they are so pretty and add to my home nicely!
If you're looking to add decoration to your home - please make sure to go check out Heidi's shop, Glitter & Grace! She has many prints to choose from in various sizes - every print is beautifully crafted.

To make things sweeter, Heidi is giving all my readers a special deal - make sure to use the code | SIMPLY30 | to receive 30% off your order! Thanks Heidi!

Here's to pretty, pretty prints!


This Moment is a weekly ritual of a single photo - no words - capturing a special moment from the week. These photos represent a moment that is dear to my heart, whether it be of someone or something I love.



"Love how many times can a heart break,
and love how much weight can soul take,
and love I don't know where you ran off to -
but love, love, love
I still believe in you."
- Jana Kramer, Love

The very first post on Simply Nicollette was the start of my journey to find love again.
Over a year ago, I set foot on my quest to find my hopes and dreams in life - to find love within myself that I desperately needed to feel alive once again.

As I began my new journey on Simply Nicollette - I said good-bye to my old blog, Twist & Sprinkle. The blogger I once was seems so far away from the blogger I am now. When I began blogging 2 years ago - all I wanted was to share my love for baking tasty treats with the world, that is where I came up with the catchy name of Twist & Sprinkle. Wishful thinking that was.. blogging took me somewhere I had no idea I could go.

There were many things my first year as a blogger taught me.
Most of the things were positive, such as realizing this voice I had inside of myself. I found this amazing person I never knew was there - a girl who had a real story to tell, a girl who had hopes to inspire. I fell completely in love with the blogging community. If it weren't for blogging I would have never let my protective walls down, in order to explore this world outside of my little town. I would have never found so many friends, including my 2 best friends, through blogging - and that is something special.
But -
There were many negative things Twist & Sprinkle taught me, also.
During that first year, I became obsessed with receiving validation from strangers. I needed my life validated with likes on my Instagram posts - I needed comments on my blog posts. I wanted bigger and bigger numbers - more page views, more shares, more followers. I started writing to please every one else. I wrote more personal stories of my family, without thinking of how they would feel about having their lives told to strangers - but all I wanted was more page views, and I knew those personal stories would attract those big numbers. Deep down I knew better, but I was too obsessed to ever realize how I was slowly losing the real me by becoming someone I knew other people would like.

I don't regret where that first year of blogging led me, I only regret how much I let it control my life. I allowed myself to get so wrapped up in a person I was trying to be online, instead of being who I truly am.. and that is why I deleted everything of Twist & Sprinkle.

When I started my journey to find love again I had no idea what I was looking for. I didn't know what made me, as an individual, happy.. and that is why I set foot on this quest, it was time to find the person I loved again instead of being someone every one else only loved.
So -
After writing that first post - I Still Believe in Love - I haven't stopped writing every post after that for me.. because Simply Nicollette is my love. It's everything I love - everything that makes me feel alive inside. I write my heart out - whether I'm telling about my own journey, the things I learn as a mother, or the things I love to do - all of it is a part of who I am.

Here I am, a year later with love back in my heart.
And -
I'm still going to believe in it.
I still believe in love for everyone.
I know that I made mistakes before, but those mistakes will not destroy my dreams - they will nurture me, and help lead me in the right direction.

Next time you're having a hard time remembering your own dreams in life, the next time you need love back in your life - remember to never give up on love, the one you have for yourself. That love is worth the heartache, it's worth the mistakes, it's worth fighting for. That love will lead you down the right path, where you feel alive, no matter how many times it breaks along the way.
Your dreams are worth believing in.
Don't give up on love.
I'm not giving up on my love - for myself and this little space of mine.
I'll keep believing.



This Moment is a weekly ritual of a single photo - no words - capturing a special moment from the week. These photos represent a moment that is dear to my heart, whether it be of someone or something I love.