September 03, 2015


"Love how many times can a heart break,
and love how much weight can soul take,
and love I don't know where you ran off to -
but love, love, love
I still believe in you."
- Jana Kramer, Love

The very first post on Simply Nicollette was the start of my journey to find love again.
Over a year ago, I set foot on my quest to find my hopes and dreams in life - to find love within myself that I desperately needed to feel alive once again.

As I began my new journey on Simply Nicollette - I said good-bye to my old blog, Twist & Sprinkle. The blogger I once was seems so far away from the blogger I am now. When I began blogging 2 years ago - all I wanted was to share my love for baking tasty treats with the world, that is where I came up with the catchy name of Twist & Sprinkle. Wishful thinking that was.. blogging took me somewhere I had no idea I could go.

There were many things my first year as a blogger taught me.
Most of the things were positive, such as realizing this voice I had inside of myself. I found this amazing person I never knew was there - a girl who had a real story to tell, a girl who had hopes to inspire. I fell completely in love with the blogging community. If it weren't for blogging I would have never let my protective walls down, in order to explore this world outside of my little town. I would have never found so many friends, including my 2 best friends, through blogging - and that is something special.
But -
There were many negative things Twist & Sprinkle taught me, also.
During that first year, I became obsessed with receiving validation from strangers. I needed my life validated with likes on my Instagram posts - I needed comments on my blog posts. I wanted bigger and bigger numbers - more page views, more shares, more followers. I started writing to please every one else. I wrote more personal stories of my family, without thinking of how they would feel about having their lives told to strangers - but all I wanted was more page views, and I knew those personal stories would attract those big numbers. Deep down I knew better, but I was too obsessed to ever realize how I was slowly losing the real me by becoming someone I knew other people would like.

I don't regret where that first year of blogging led me, I only regret how much I let it control my life. I allowed myself to get so wrapped up in a person I was trying to be online, instead of being who I truly am.. and that is why I deleted everything of Twist & Sprinkle.

When I started my journey to find love again I had no idea what I was looking for. I didn't know what made me, as an individual, happy.. and that is why I set foot on this quest, it was time to find the person I loved again instead of being someone every one else only loved.
So -
After writing that first post - I Still Believe in Love - I haven't stopped writing every post after that for me.. because Simply Nicollette is my love. It's everything I love - everything that makes me feel alive inside. I write my heart out - whether I'm telling about my own journey, the things I learn as a mother, or the things I love to do - all of it is a part of who I am.

Here I am, a year later with love back in my heart.
And -
I'm still going to believe in it.
I still believe in love for everyone.
I know that I made mistakes before, but those mistakes will not destroy my dreams - they will nurture me, and help lead me in the right direction.

Next time you're having a hard time remembering your own dreams in life, the next time you need love back in your life - remember to never give up on love, the one you have for yourself. That love is worth the heartache, it's worth the mistakes, it's worth fighting for. That love will lead you down the right path, where you feel alive, no matter how many times it breaks along the way.
Your dreams are worth believing in.
Don't give up on love.
I'm not giving up on my love - for myself and this little space of mine.
I'll keep believing.


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