I've been sick for the past month..
The first 2 weeks I couldn't even get out of bed.
Being a sick Mom started to put a real damper on the beginning of the fall season this year.

This past month - we haven't spent a lot of time outside, we haven't done many activities or crafts, and we definitely haven't gone many places. This time of year we are usually having a lot of fun, fall is my favorite season, and we are usually playing outside or heading to do fun family activities like exploring the pumpkin patch - but this year we didn't do any of that.
Honestly, my kids are lucky that we bought their Halloween costumes so early because I don't think I would have even had enough energy to face the crowds to go out and do a simple task like that.

I spent a lot of time in bed just scrolling through my Instagram and Facebook feeds..
I began to feel like a really horrible Mother.
I was scrolling through all these beautiful pictures of happy families out having fun doing all the things I wish we were able to do.
I was just really sad that I wasn't able to give my children memories like I was seeing other parents do with their own children.. & I just felt like my kids were not happy because they weren't able to do all the things I felt like they should of been doing on my imaginary list of 'Things To Do With Your Kids During The Fall'.

After I stopped feeling sorry for myself.. I started to ask myself why? Why does social media make me feel this way?
Why do I compare my life to others based on simple pictures posted on their social media?

I think social media is a beautiful thing - that's the truth.
I've been able to meet amazing people from all over the world thanks to a simple app called Instagram. It's amazing - BUT I also think it can be a dangerous thing.
I think it can be dangerous because it allows us to judge so easily. Our Instagram feeds make it easy for us to believe that others have a better life than our own. Our Facebook updates make it easy for us to believe that maybe we don't have our life as together as it should be - just because someone got a promotion or a marriage proposal.

Social media can make us feel unworthy - well at least it makes me feel unworthy..
& the truth is.. Our life is not Pinterest worthy.
We don't have a big beautiful home filled with matching pillows.
We don't eat lavish meals everyday.
Most days my kid's clothes don't even match.
.. & all of this is OK.

I have found the importance of social media this past month.
It's a beautiful thing that social media allows us to share our own story with others around the world.
It's a beautiful thing that social media allows us to stay in touch with our family in other states.
It's a beautiful thing for us to all witness how different we are from each other - yet we all still live very happy lives.

That is the truth.
We all live very happy lives.
Everyone is different.
It's really a beautiful thing to be able to connect - BUT still bond and build friendships around the world.

Our life may not be Pinterest worthy.
.. & even though we didn't get to do the traditional pumpkin patch this year, my children still got a pumpkin from the store and decorated it. We weren't able to accomplish things other families got to enjoy this year, but we were able to build different memories together.
My children still told me how happy they were everyday.
They still told me how much fun they had on Halloween - even though I wasn't able to make the costumes they really wanted.
.. & in all these moments I realized that I AM doing a good job.

I realized how important it is to STOP comparing our own life to others based on what we see on our social media pages.

We may not have as much as someone else, but our life is still just as great.

I hope this post helps you realize that comparing your life to others based on your Instagram feed is not good for you. I hope you believe that you have a beautiful life even if it's not Pinterest worthy. I hope you believe that YOUR story of the way you live your life - no matter how different it is to others - is a beautiful thing.